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Customer loyalty isn’t just nice to have. It’s a huge asset that brings a world of benefits to your organization. Buyers who become fans purchase regularly, leave five-star reviews, and refer you to friends. They basically serve as both cheerleaders and unofficial brand ambassadors. However, you might not be sure how to generate long-term customers. One simple way to up your loyalty game is by learning from other leading companies like Nom Nom.

If you’re a pet parent to at least one pooch, you might have come across Nom Nom online. The startup has been heating up the fresh dog food market and getting lots of press. Yet its early and ongoing success hasn’t just been because of its excellent marketing. Nom Nom is skillfully shepherding customers through the sales pipeline and turning consumers into dog food devotees.

Regardless of your business model, industry, product, or service line, you can learn a lot from Nom Nom. Below are some of the unique ways that this company’s team is driving serious customer trust and excitement. Perhaps one or more of them can help you create a stronger connection with your buyers.

1. All Nom Nom purchases are micro-personalized.

The topic of personalization continues to be a big one for organizations these days. In 2021, McKinsey & Co. showed that 71% of shoppers actively look for personalized solutions. Nom Nom hasn’t ignored the desire for individualized shopper attention. On the contrary, the company built it into its purchasing model.

Obviously, Nom Nom is selling to dog lovers. However, their personalized approach specifically targets the needs of the pup and the parent. Shoppers are asked to identify their dog’s age, weight, and activity level, amongst other questions, to start creating their dog’s meal plan. Nom Nom then fetches the perfect fresh dog food recipe, formulated by Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionists, based on the dog’s history and health needs.

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Once the food has been chosen, it’s delivered in pre-portioned packages based on the health assessment you provided about your dog. This enables customers to feel good about choosing a particular recipe over another. Whether their dogs need help with weight maintenance or dermatological conditions, buyers feel comfortable with Nom Nom’s recommendations. After all, everything is personalized based on the information you provide about your dog and what Nom Nom has to offer.

Key Takeaway: Look for ways to micro-personalize what you sell. It doesn’t matter if it’s organic toothpaste or low-code software for long-term customers. Is there a way to customize the shopping experience so you can leverage personalization as a differentiator?

2. Nom Nom takes customer service seriously.

The Nom Nom platform has been set up to be extremely user-friendly in numerous ways. This allows customers to get the care they need exactly when and where they need it. For example, Nom Nom uses an omnichannel approach to customer-company communications. Consumers can connect with Nom Nom representatives through their website, email, phone, text, and even social media. Not only is this convenient, but it makes sure customers can pick their preferred way to get in touch.

Once customers reach the Nom Nom service team, they get well-trained professionals ready to help. The service agents are well-versed in answering questions regarding dog food, dog health, and related topics. What if a customer has a more clinical question? In that case, the customer can speak directly with someone from Nom Nom’s customer care representative. Every expert is advised by Board Certified Veterinary Nutritionists and Science team members.

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Nom Nom’s team of pet health experts continues to monitor the latest veterinary medicine and nutrition research. Vital information then passes along to customer service representatives and other team members. As a result, customer support can serve as a valuable, trusted asset for Nom Nom’s pet parents.

Key Takeaway: Spend time refining your customer service setup. You may be missing opportunities to truly become a go-to resource for buyers. Even unhappy customers can be turned around into long-term customers if you give them red-carpet service.

3. Dog parents don’t have to worry about reordering.

It’s frustrating to run out of food for your pet. Nom Nom knows this, which is why the company ships food on a regular basis. Each pet parent gets to choose from a specific cadence. Food delivers on time to avoid any food accessibility gaps.

To add even more value to their subscription service, Nom Nom tracks each pooch’s milestones. For instance, pet parents may begin by setting up a subscription for a puppy. Eventually, that pup will grow out of the young dog stage. Nom Nom can stay up to date and alert buyers when they’re approaching age milestones. After all, dogs’ dietary and nutrition needs change at every stage. Nom Nom makes sure portions and recipes stay up to date.

It’s worth mentioning that Nom Nom does this per pet, not per buyer. Therefore, a dog enthusiast with several furry friends can work out their needs and have each pet’s specific food delivered on a schedule that works best for them. It’s sophisticated and takes the guesswork out of trying to figure out when to order fresh dog food.

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Key Takeaway: Investigate ways to make life easier for your customer base. Would a subscription reduce the pressure of figuring out when to reorder? Many companies have built loyal followings of long-term customers thanks to their subscription services.

Nom Nom has fine-tuned the art and science of generating lasting customer relationships. Now it’s your turn. Just learn and apply the secrets from this up-and-comer to the fresh dog food scene. With a few tweaks, you might have a sudden surge of champions for your brand.

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