42 Awesomely Inspiring Pinterest Boards You Should Follow

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Pinterest is a great way to find some inspiration each day as you scroll through pictures and pins of cool things. We’ve put together some of our favorite boards to follow that pump us up each day. These boards cover a few different topics as we look at pictures of amazing places, things, quotes, fitness and overall just cool stuff.

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Travel & Places

Places to visit before you die – Everyone wants to travel the world but with so many places to visit where do you start? Tips & advice on choosing the perfect travel, vacation & holiday destinations.

Your Favorite Travel Picutres – Awesome travel photos from amazing places around the world.

Beautiful Beaches – The most beautiful beaches in the world.

Travel Blogs – The best travel photos from the best travel blogs!

Travel & Amazing Earth Places – Really cool places and awesome photos from around the world.

Escapes – Amazing places from around the world.

Architecture Worth Pinning – Architecture projects from all over the world. Most projects that we present are modern and contemporary pieces of architecture from the best architects around the world.

Places I would like to go – wan·der·lust (w?n’d?r-l?st’) n. A very strong or irresistible impulse to travel. (With a definite preference for natural wonder and special people.)

Wind Water Earth Fire – Nature at it’s best.

Daily Moment of Zen – Giving you a quick escape every day

Simply Awesome Stuff

Cool Stuff – Random cool stuff

Badgography – Badges and shields from all kinds of things.

Awesomeness – Rad stuff.

V12 – Awesome stuff with engines.

Sophisticated High Life – Cars, planes, yachts. All the stuff you wish you had.

Badass Machines – Here are the biggest and baddest technologies produced by GE.

Simplicity – A line, a curve, a shape, a proportion often reflecting that found in nature.

Fitness & Health

Fitness Fitness Fitness – A collection of photos, articles and videos to inspire getting in shape.

Health & Fitness – Get motivated to get into shape

Food That’s Healthy – Healthy food to look and feel your best!

Foodie Infographics – A collection of infographics about food.

Snack Smart – Great tips to find healthy snacks during your day.

No Gym? No Problem! – Can’t get to a gym? No problem with these tips and ideas for working out.

Office Funnies – A collection of office humor quotes and pictures

Inspiration & Motivation

Career Inspiration – Inspiring quotes and pictures

Ideas – Ideas is about a need to imagine, create and explore.

Inspiration – Photos, quotes, articles and videos to inspire you.

inspiration inspiration inspiration – These words inspire me to strive for kinder, crazier, more courageous and higher quality actions.

Motivation, motivation, motivation – Motivational quotes and pictures.

Inspire me to Inspire you – A collection of inspirational quotes.

Inspiration {VIDEO} – A collection of inspiring videos.

Truths & Humor – Things to brighten your day.

Web Humor – The best in web humor, comics and Internet memes.

Quote Pictures – Nothing but awesome picture quotes.

Best Travel Quotes – Couldn’t have said it better ourselves…

Tech & Gadgets

High tech – always on the edge – High tech gadgets, web trends, software, photography, audio and video…. if you spare some money look here to find something to buy.

Home Screens – Find out what some of the leaders in the startup and tech world have as their mobile home screens.

Tech & Gadgets – The best technology, latest gadgets, coolest electronics and attention-grabbing design concepts.

Style & Design

Awesome Offices – A look at awesome office design.

Bar & Restaurant Design – Awesome design photos of bars and restaruants from around the world.

Men’s Style – Threads men want to have.

Looks I Love – Style women want to have.

You can also check out the Under30CEO board. We just launched it and are working on some creative ways to use it!

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