5 Reasons Why You Need a Health Insurance Plan for Surgeries

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As per the National Institute of Health, about 75% of healthcare expenditures are borne by households who have not invested in health insurance for surgery. This points out the lack of awareness about the benefits of a separate health insurance plan for surgery.

One of the most challenging parts of undergoing surgery is to arrange for the hefty hospitalization funds while ensuring a quick recovery.  Here’s when you need an exclusive safety net that supports you while bearing expensive surgeries and operations.

Let us understand some primary reasons to invest in a health insurance plan for surgery:

Cashless Claim Facility

One of the worst fears among the patient undergoing the surgery and the family is the financial crunch that may become an obstacle in completing the treatment. With health insurers like Care Health Insurance, you can rely on the solid network of cashless healthcare providers that make hospital billing hassle-free. Here, most of the expenses are settled by the insurance company directly with the hospital. When investing in health insurance for surgery, look for an insurer offering a wider network of cashless healthcare providers.

Healthcare Services

While insured members invest in healthcare protection through health insurance for surgery, it is imperative to keep track of their health and other non-medical expenses. That’s why some of the top insurers cover associated costs. These include ambulance services, doctor consultations, and online consultations. They also include expenses of harvesting a major organ from a donor, free preventive check-ups, and additional floater options.

Income Tax Benefit

For every year that you pay your premium for health insurance, you are exempted from your income tax liability. This is under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act. This exemption is applicable on individual plans. It also includes family floater plans covering yourself, your spouse, children, and parents. You can claim as much as INR 100,000 under income tax deductions for yourself and your parents.

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No Claim Bonus

The best part about health insurance it rewards you for staying in good health. With the feature of a no-claim bonus, you can increase the sum insured coverage for your operations health cover by a minimum of 10% for every claim-free year. It helps you enhance your policy coverage while tackling soaring medical inflation. Either way, as a policyholder, you stand to benefit when you purchase health insurance for surgery from a reputed insurance company.

Financial Security Against Rising Medical Costs

It is extremely important to stay healthy and maintain a healthy lifestyle. However, owing to a lack of physical activity, poor work environment, unhealthy personal habits, and poor diet, our health is compromised to a significant extent. This results in multiple health challenges leading to unbearable medical costs. If at all surgery is required, the costs could run into lakhs of rupees even for the simplest of procedures. The best solution to protect yourself from this financial strain is to invest in good health insurance for surgery. While providing exclusive financial security, the policy covers the costs related to treatment and hospitalization. It also includes free health check-ups as well as pre and post-hospitalization medical services.

Selecting an Affordable & Customised Health Insurance

Choosing the right health insurance for yourself and your loved ones is a critical decision that requires the utmost clarity. To meet the medical needs of all the members, you can explore Care Health Insurance. With one of the highest claim settlement ratios, Care Insurance helps you choose the best health insurance in India from its array of policies. As a reliable insurer, Care Health Insurance offers mediclaim policies for people with diverse medical needs. So, check out their website to check the quote for their different health plans while choosing the right one today.

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