5 Tech Fixes Created by MIT Grads

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MIT has had over 120,000 graduates in the course of its 150-year history. These graduates have made several contributions to the world in field science, technology, architecture, business, education, humanities, politics and health care. Recently, some of the most significant contributions have been in technology. These innovative and inventive technological “fixes” have made simple technology problems dissipate entirely. Here is a glance at 5 such technological “fixes”, selected by Fueled:

1. Clocky Alarm Clock  


If you have problems sleeping through your alarm or pressing the snooze button again and again, the Clocky Alarm Clock is a great solution. Clocky will go off one time without moving but once you hit the snooze button, it jumps off your nightstand and rolls away. This creatively-designed alarm clock will go off again in whatever place it ends up, and you’ll have to get out of your bed and go searching for Clocky to turn it off.  Kiss those days of hitting the snooze button five times goodbye!

2. Zipi


If you constantly struggle with keeping your earbuds cord in place and untangled, then Zipi will definitely make your life easier. The Zipi is a simple strap that has magnets on either end. It goes around your neck and holds your earbuds in place whenever you take them out of your ears. Instead of shoving your earbuds into a pocket or dropping them on the floor, here’s a simple solution that keeps them in an easy-to-reach place.

3. iMedipac


If you ever forget to take your medicine , whether it’s just one pill or twenty, iMedipac can help you. It has lights and alarms that go off when it is time to take your medication. If you’re away from the device, it can also send a text or email reminder. iMedipac can send updates to a doctor or care provider for accountability purposes as well. Thank goodness we no longer have to stress about missing a dosage!

 4. PlateJoy


If you often find your fridge empty and yourself racking your brain for recipes, PlateJoy may be a great new option for you. This service will ask you questions about your eating habits and your food preferences, and then it will assist you in creating meal plans and shopping lists, while providing recipes to create those meals. The service even offers next day delivery for your groceries. If anyone else spends hours online finding that perfect recipe or simply making that trip to the grocery store, you feel our pain. Now you can spend those free hours doing something useful. Like actually cooking.

5. Twine


If you ever wish you could set an alarm for a variety of random and personalized reminders, Twine is the answer. Twine is a small square of technology that can be programmed to remind you or notify you of pretty much anything via Twitter, SMS or even email. You can set it to alert you of a temperature change, a water leak in your house or a variety of other things. Twine helps put your mind at ease even when you’re on vacation worrying about your house.

MIT graduates have made incredible contributions to the world for countless decades. Some inventions have made significant changes in people’s everyday lives and some have simply made people’s lives easier. Regardless of the size of the impact, MIT graduates continue to enhance society and improve life.

Written by Fueled, the premier agency for iPhone app design and Android app development in New York City.

Image Credits:  www.uberreview.com, www.kickstarter.com, www.imedipac.com, www.platejoy.com, supermechanical.com

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