5 Things Startups Can Learn from the CEO of Bang

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Energy drinks are a great way to keep yourself energized to get you through those long work days. Which do you prefer? Monster? What about the popular brand Bang? Bang is an energy drink company that was founded by the current CEO of Bang, Jack Owoc, down in Florida.

Besides energy drinks, Bang also has accessories, shoes, pre-workout drinks, post-workout drinks, and many other items that customers can buy. By 2020, Bang was the third most popular energy drink in the United States.

Clearly, Jack Owoc did something right with his business idea. Let’s take a look at what the CEO of Bang did that startups can learn from.

He Had an Idea

Owoc started out as a science teacher in high school. He had a loaded plate of teaching six science classes along with other subjects such as English. Owoc was also into exercising and eating healthy, something he started when he was a high school teacher.

It wasn’t until a friend of his almost passed away due to the negligence of a supplement company. Because of this, Owoc exposed supplement companies and one even went out of business. Afterward, he started to create his own supplements that would have a real effect on people.

Because of what happened to his friend, combined with the annoyance of supplement companies lying about protein in their products, Owoc had an idea. He would make his own supplements to help people. He identified a problem and found a solution to it.

Jack Trusts the Science

Jack Owoc would then found his company, Vital Pharmaceuticals in 1993. He used science and ran his energy drink company like a pharmaceutical one. This is because he trusts science. In this day and age, there is a lot of misinformation and disinformation being presented as fact. For startups, it is important that they trust science and back it up. Otherwise, they will only be attracting cooky anti-science people, which can be not good for business.

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Having knowledge of the world around us is important. Otherwise, you could be presenting information that can be dangerous. For Owoc, that is especially important considering that they are putting his product in their body.

High Standards at Bang

As stated above, Jack Owoc wanted to treat Bang like a pharmaceutical company because of how much they stuck to science. In his words, he said that he was, “tired of the lies and deception that unscrupulous supplement companies were using to purposefully rip off consumers.”

Owoc knows the importance of transparency and honesty when it comes to his business. For startups, don’t ever lie to the customers. If that comes out, then you won’t be having a business anymore. Have high standards for your startup. Keeping your business at that level will be expected for years to come then.

Work Hard for Success

When Jack Owoc founded his company way back in the 90s, he worked extremely hard for his dream to become a reality. In fact, he was even sleeping on an air mattress to make this dream a reality.

In the past, you have heard of other entrepreneurs doing this such as Elon Musk. These people do whatever it takes for their dreams to come true. Startups need to operate the same way. Lots of sacrifices and hard work in order to achieve goals and deadlines.

Have Jack’s Energy

At Bang’s retreats, Jack Owoc is known for his loud, and excitable presence. That is because he cares about Bang and he knows what it can do for people.

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For your startup, consider the same thing. Sure, you may be excited on the inside, but showcasing your drive and passion can go a long way. Mix that with a charismatic public figurehead and you have yourself a walking, talking marketing machine.


Jack Owoc can be someone to pay attention to as the CEO of Bang. He was someone who had an idea, a need to help people, and the drive to make it a reality. Because of this, he worked extremely hard, to the point of having to sleep on an air mattress to ensure that his company would be a success.

He would then go on to create a popular energy drink that is loved by millions across the United States. Due to the success, Owoc was able to expand his business to other products, all backed by the science he trusts.

For startups, he can definitely be an inspiration to look at. All startups should have the passion to take action and find a way to bring about good change. For any entrepreneurs out there, start looking for problems, you may just find yourself a solution and a ticket to success.

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