Five Tips for a Successful Crowd Funding Campaign

by / ⠀Funding Startup Advice / November 5, 2012

We all have great ideas from time to time. The difference is that some of us know what to do in order to take it into the next level and some of us don’t. The good news is that help is now at hand if financing is the problem that is holding you back. Crowd-funding sourcing is a fantastic way of turning your bright ideas into something real, and here are some ideas on how you can do this successfully.

Don’t Look for Sympathy

You want to get hold of funding for your project because it is a good idea, not because you need people to take pity on you. If you start out with a hard luck story and a downtrodden attitude you won’t get very far. Instead, you should look to inspire others with your creativity and positive outlook. Potential funders will spot someone who is looking for sympathy a mile off and will steer well clear of them.

Give the Background

The people who could help with your crowd-funding sourcing will want to hear all about your ideas. Instead of giving them some basic, dry details you should tell them all about how the idea was born and what you have done so far. This can help them picture the project in greater detail and will also show how much effort you have put into taking it this far and, therefore, how committed you are to the idea.

Search for Enthusiastic Partners

Ideally you will want to get onboard contributors who are as enthusiastic as you are. You don’t want charity from them; you want their enthusiasm and their help. It should be a great partnership that you build and not a one way relationship in which the other person just gives money to you. The best way to attract enthusiasm is by giving it out. You want people to see your presentation and feel a light bulb switch on above their heads. Don’t bore them with details when you can inspire them with your vision.

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Sell the Idea

You may be so close to the idea already that you know it inside out. However, you shouldn’t forget that anyone who is new to it needs it sold to them. Using videos and photos is a great approach, and you should always assume that the people you are pitching to are starting from a position of zero knowledge on the matter. If they aren’t, then they will be able to skip over the parts they are already familiar with anyway.

Thank the Contributors

Thanking a contributor costs nothing and it is the least you can do. You will want them to feel a part of the overall project, and taking the time to give them a personalized thank you message can go a long towards achieving this. No one has any sort of obligation to fund your idea, and if you convince them to do so, then this is a great achievement by you and a show of confidence which they are making in you.

Author Bio: Guest post contributed by Stacy Pruitt. Having working extensively as a Forex broker, Stacy is now trying her hand out as a freelance writer where she can share her insights. Her articles appear on various trading blogs.

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