5 Ways Hotels Can Use Social Media Walls to Engage Guests

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In the hospitality sector, the customer experience is crucial. Conventional methods to engage the guests are not paying dividends these days, which is becoming increasingly worrying. The answer to this? User-generated content displayed on a social media wall. 

Hotels nowadays need to take advantage of user-generated content for lead generation, marketing, and guest engagement as more and more visitors share experiences on social media, whether they are positive or negative. 

There are ways to look at social media walls, and we are here with some of the best ones!

Ways to Use Social Media Walls to Engage Guests

Make the Best Use of User-Generated Content

Social media walls potentially promote photos and posts that hotel guests share. Hoteliers can post UGC to the brand’s channel. Exhibit it in the lobby area of the hotel as well as in the rooms and suites through social media walls for customers to notice. 

To pique the interest of potential guests, live social media boards display Instagram pictures or Twitter posts about the hotel from prior visitors. People can learn about past clients’ experiences, the finest food to eat at the hotel, and other information. To have their experience and reviews posted on the hotel’s live social media wall, new guests will make an effort to do so.

Showcase Authentic Content

The reviews and suggestions of past visitors heavily influence the opinions of those who use the hotel’s website to make reservations. Hotels can gain from user-generated content. Additionally, they can showcase favorable feedback from visitors by utilizing a social media wall on their website. As a result, conversions rise when guests book rooms at the hotel after seeing real content.

Instagram pictures of past guests relaxing by the pool or appreciating their meals can also be utilized on the hotel’s live Instagram wall. On the hotel website, customers retrieve updates from the hotel’s Facebook page if incorporated. For instance, hotels can integrate the social wall on the reservations page to draw in as many customers as possible.

Use the Latest Visual Trends

The growth of the internet of days depends heavily on video content, especially short video films like Instagram Reels. While brands all over the world are now adopting this type of video content, many of which have even gone viral by using these platforms, it originally started as amusing and quirky videos uploaded by social media influencers.

Short-form video content on an Instagram wall is excellent for emphasizing the distinctive qualities of your brand. This might be anything from the modern amenities and design of your hotel to the unique room features, the usage of cutting-edge technology, emphasizing nearby attractions, or showcasing your stunning location and all it has to offer.

Boost Sales by Adding “Book Now” Button

This is a rather straightforward method of increasing conversions and sales. The booking applications and pages for the hotel can have the functionality to allow the display of customer reviews. Combine this with social walls with a pleasant guest experience.

To increase conversions and eventual purchases, call-to-action components like “Book Now” buttons can also be added to social network posts.

Customers will find it easier to make bookings and spend more time reading reviews and user experiences if it takes fewer clicks and less time to get to the booking page.

Add Fun with “Behind the Scenes” Videos

Everywhere you look, hospitality brands emphasize innovation. From implementing cutting-edge technology to launching on-site attractions and undergoing renovations, guests adore seeing before-and-after, behind-the-scenes, and “insider” content.

Allow them to see what occurs behind closed doors. Include a time-lapse showing housekeeping preparing each room for new visitors, staff workers setting up an event venue, or your star chef preparing one of your signature meals.

Enhance Revenue Through Sponsored Advertising

It is well known that hotels serve as gathering places for business conferences, product launches, advertising campaigns, and other events. In addition to these, hotels serve as wedding venues.

Hotels can lend a social wall for events of various businesses and make the most of their social feed walls. This might be viewed as an additional service provided by the hotel. Of course, the social wall will astound guests. Additionally, the brand may review memories, experiences, opinions, and more from their event. All you need includes a screen, a projector, or digital signs, and you’re set to go.

Brands can go ahead and grant space to neighborhood businesses that want to place their customized sponsored marketing on the hotel’s social media wall in exchange for payment. Local businesses might want to attract some guests from the adjacent hotel by capturing some of its attention. The hotel makes more money by renting out its social media wall.

Wrapping Up

Social media walls have become an essential part of marketing. If your company associates with the hospitality sector in any way, then you definitely need to start using social media walls in the ways that we mentioned. This will certainly help you reach your marketing objectives.

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