8 Successful Ways to Drive Attention to Your Start-Up

by / ⠀Startup Advice / July 22, 2020
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Startups are the main driving force of innovation and creativity in business. Your business is anything you want it to be; the only problem is getting other people to pay attention. Instead of trying outrage marketing or attempting to create a viral TikTok, here are eleven ways you can realistically drive attention to your startup.

Grab the Media’s Eye

  1. Pop Up Shops: Although pop up shops are usually in-person events, you can also make them online. Create a 24-hour domain that sells unique versions of your product that can’t be bought anywhere else. For example, if you’re a headphone company, you could print a unique design on them or release an exclusive color for the event. If you sell software, you could offer bonuses with every download. Offer something that will catch people’s minds and allow your company to enter the public conversation via the media coverage your pop up shop receives.
  2. Befriend Journalists: Work to make genuine connections with journalists before asking them for favors, like covering your business. Share their articles, interact with things they post, and generally be friendly.

Social Media

  1. Twitter: Although twitter is not new or original, it’s still continually growing after almost 15 years. Many businesses make personas for their companies through how they tweet and talk to customers. Restaurants like Wendy’s use sarcasm and humor to encourage people to follow their twitter accounts. This tactic has drawn nearly four million followers for the restaurant, which allows them to advertise for free under the guise of jokes and personality.
  2. Targeted Marketing: Apps like Instagram and YouTube are well known for having eerily well-chosen ads. This skill is because of their ability to understand the information users have given up for free. The more customers see a product that fits their interests, the more likely they are to buy.
  3. Join in on Trends: Trends are a fantastic way to get your company into the public eye.  Although it’s difficult to predict a new trend or start one unless you already have a following, hopping in on trends early on can drive endless likes, follows, and customers towards your company. Look for things like daily hashtags that tie in with your company, and personalize a tweet or post with whatever personality you want the public to associate with your startup.
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Great Deals

  1. Free Things: Nothing is as good for attention as free goodies. Free branded ideas like giveaways can drive awareness to your customer while also letting you include a call to action.  This call to action could be to sign up for your email alerts, follow your social media, or tweet what the prospective customer thinks they’d get out of your product or service. People love free things and happily help get your name out there for a chance to win something.
  2. Return Customer Coupons: Let customers know that if they use your service or buy your product, there’s a discount for future purchases. Even if a customer might not need to buy from you again, the perceived money saved by a future discount might encourage them to make another purchase.
  3. Product or Service in Exchange for Reviews: This option is the least advised way to get reviews since many view it as purchasing reviews. Still, if your product is inexpensive to create or think someone’s review may drive in enough traffic, it’s okay to give one for free. Make sure to make an explicit agreement with the reviewer that if they don’t review it, they’ll have to pay for your product or service.

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