8 Things We’re Looking Forward to at Austin Startup Week

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With so many speakers and events planned for Austin Startup Week, how can you know what to catch? Well, here are a select few highlights.

October 5-8, 2020 brings one of the best highlights of this year: Austin Startup Week. These four days will celebrate the entrepreneurs of Austin, Texas, and the organizations they’ve brought to life. Due to continuing concerns over COVID-19, this event is online-only. It still promises to be a can’t-miss event.

With so many speakers and events planned, how can you possibly know what to catch? While there’s no wrong answer, we’re particularly excited about a select few highlights. Here’s what we’re looking forward to the most:

1. Networking 

One of the things we all miss most from in-person events is the ability to network with fellow entrepreneurs and professionals. With an online event, it can be much more difficult to make new connections. However, Austin Startup Week is doing its best to enable networking by scheduling in periodic networking breaks.

These short breaks give you a chance to connect with other participants in similar positions. You might not be able to hold a full, personal conversation. However, these breaks provide enough time for you to get acquainted and exchange contact information. Even a small moment like this allows connections that can be built for years to come.

2. How UX (User Experience) Research is Helping Startups

Getting into a more specific topic, launching a successful startup requires delivering the right product to the right audience. This particular seminar nails that right on the head. By researching the user experience (UX), entrepreneurs can develop the right products to get their startups off the ground.

This section is spearheaded by December Labs, a user experience and user interface company. Given the nature of their company, one can assume they know what they’re talking about. Their advice will help all aspiring entrepreneurs start off on the right foot. 

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3. Austin Startup Crawl

What else do you hope to get from attending a Startup Week? A chance to look at all of the wonderful startups that have seen success. Austin Startup Week still provides that opportunity, even with everything online.

On October 6 from 4-6 p.m. CST will be the startup crawl for Austin-based businesses. More than 40 businesses plan to attend. You’ll get a chance to learn about their journey as you pursue your own entrepreneurial dreams.

4. Women in Tech 

We’re all about empowering women in the workspace. Austin Startup Week kicks off with Women in Tech, celebrating the ladies who are making huge strides in this industry right in Texas. Their contributions to the field are admirable, and this event has provided them with a platform to share their work. 

There will be a number of speakers directly addressing women in tech, including Cisco Systems Chief of Staff Wendy Howell, as well as some specialized networking breaks for this group. At the end of their segment will be a Women in Tech showcase, ultimately capturing their wonderful achievements in their field. 

5. COVID-19 Innovation Track

The reason this event is being held online is because of the COVID-19 virus. This nasty bug caused a global pandemic that devastated healthcare systems and local economies around the world. The pandemic has been awful. However, it’s also sparked innovation and caused goodwill to hit remarkable highs.

Many small businesses and startups are still struggling due to COVID-19 concerns in their area. Learning from those who have successfully navigated similar challenges will help these companies regain their footing again. Learning from their messages, local economies and businesses will get a much-needed boost.

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6. Cultivating Workplace Wellness

This topic is one all business leaders should be well-versed in. This is true whether they manage a startup or a Fortune 500 company. Mental health is a very real challenge, one that has reared its ugly head even more as the world navigates through a plethora of modern challenges.

Actively helping your employees manage their mental health will create a happier team that will not only provide better work but will live better lives. If you’re not concerned about employee well-being outside of work hours, you’re not being an effective leader. 

7. Work From Home Tips

A common adjustment people have made during COVID-19 is working from home. This helped slow the spread of the virus and keep people safe as the world learned more about the pandemic. As businesses start reopening, many are considering work-from-home options full-time, which presents a number of unique challenges.

Startups will pick up work-from-home tips. There will be discussions about its benefits and challenges, as well as how to manage remote workers. This could very well be the future of employment, so these seminars are essential.

8. Mythbusters – Pitch Deck Addition

What a cool segment this will be! Anything with a Mythbusters twist is already exciting. This one will be packed with valuable information and advice for startup companies. In the penultimate segment of the event, learning the do’s and don’ts of a pitch deck is incredibly valuable for entrepreneurs. 

A pitch deck is a presentation containing your start-up ideas for investors. Use one to sell your ideas. They’re invaluable for receiving support and funding. You don’t get many opportunities to do this, so making sure your pitch deck is optimal before entering a meeting is crucial.

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As amazing as all of these segments will be, they only scratch the surface of what Austin Startup Week is offering in October. So many speakers and topics! You’re sure to learn something new that will help you succeed with your own startup.

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