A Lesson From a Knight’s Tale: Changing Your Stars

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Changing Your StarsHave you seen A Knights Tale? If the answer is no then I would definitely recommend it.  I bring this movie up because of a memorable lesson.  Heath Ledgers character was born a peasant and his father wanted a better life for him so he sent him to be a squire for a knight. While with the knight, he learned a great deal including how to be a knight himself.

When the knight died, Heath Ledger had the proverbial “Aha” moment and decided to take over his own life and become a knight. By transitioning from a peasant to a knight, he literally changed his stars.  He was destined to be a surf, but he had the courage to try something new. He experienced much adversity but he reached his goal of becoming a knight.

In today’s day and age, it has never been so evident that one could literally “change their stars!”  Just think about how many people you’ve heard about that have glorious rags to riches stories.  Let me share a secret…they all worked extremely hard to achieve that level of success. In professional sports you see it all the time.  For example, every year this is a “nobody” that shows up in camp and takes the team by surprise.  I can guarantee that “nobody” worked harder than most people in the offseason and by seasons end they became a “somebody.” Their determination and drive is the reason they rose to the top.

Steps to changing your stars:

1.  Find someone doing what you want to do and hold on to them for dear life!

My sister invited me to come visit her while she was at Indiana University. When I went to her campus, I met a big time college football player and spent time shadowing him for the weekend. By the end of the weekend, I became friends with his entire family and his older bother ended up becoming my mentor.  Anytime I had questions about college, finding an agent or the NFL, he was my go-to guy. Learning from him was a plus because I was able to reach out to someone that had gone through the fire and made it out alive.

2.  Study, study, study, and…study some more

While playing football I always watched the best linebackers from the Big Ten and critiqued them.  I would take their strengths and mold them to my skill set.  When I wanted to learn how to become an entrepreneur I asked my father who created his own construction company, read tons of articles and books, and listened to successful people talk anytime I could.  Whenever they talked I took notes.

3.  Give it a try

This is the best part.  Go into something new and exciting and give it a try!  You may not know all the situations that could arise or what the outcome may be, but that is when you can apply all the knowledge you’ve acquired and put it to the test.

4.  Fail fast

The quicker you fail, the faster you learn.  When you fail at something, that feeling of failure stays with you, which can be a good thing. Next time that situation arises you can think about your previous experience with it and you’ll know how to react.

5.  Envision success and seize your opportunities

Even though there’s a lot to gain from failing, you can not see yourself as a failure.  You tend to become like the things you think about most.  If you envision yourself as a successful person, you will be successful. One of my favorite quotes comes from Paulo Coelho’s The Alchemist, “When you really want something to happen, the whole universe conspires so that your wish comes true.”  Before you know it, doors will be opening left and right and all you have to do is walk through them!

6.  Out work your competition

This is probably one of the most important steps.  In life someone always wants what you have. So it’s up to you to outwork the next person in order to advance in life.

Stars don’t just change overnight, but with hard work and a love for learning, your star will shine as bright as you want it to!

Prince Kwateng is a former professional athlete.  He is also the founder of Karma Gift List, a social gifting platform that allows donors and charities to foster a greater since of community while increasing charities digital footprint.  Follow Prince: @OnePrinceK

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