How Personal and Professional Alignment Can Impact Your Bottom Line

by / ⠀Startup Advice / April 30, 2012

There must be something in the air. Maybe it’s a sort of personal spring cleaning. Maybe it’s the result of a growth phase. Whatever the reason, alignment seems to be coming up for a number of our core staff, and it’s doing so in such a way that I’m forced to take notice and share the insights.

In my own world, my wife and I just finished a big move. We hated our home and the city we were living in, to the point of my wife feeling suffocated and me feeling uninspired. We were “tolerating”  that piece of our life. We did it for three years and then, finally, made the decision to suffer the consequences of a crap housing market and put our happiness first. Seven weeks later, here we are in a new home and feeling an awakening. This new house is aligned with the spirit of who we are as a couple. The community is full of great restaurants and shopping (I have a Trader Joe’s again, for God’s sake!). My wife’s commute went from 45 minutes each way to less than 5, and my commute into Chicago went from an hour and a half to less than 30 minutes. And to boot, our monthly expenses went way down… seriously, could I ask for more?

So what’s the big deal? We moved. New house. Different city. Factually, we’re driving less and paying less and eating out more. But emotionally, so much more than our living situation has changed. Our feeling about life has actually altered, my approach to work is maturing, and I can feel my love and respect for my wife actually growing in real time.

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The reality is that when you make decisions for the sake of your personal and professional alignment, that action forces you to respect yourself. And that respect is a positive drug that influences everything else. Why? Because when you feel connected to yourself, you can also be more present with others and with the world. And that presence can have a direct impact on everything around you, from the customers you serve, to the staff you motivate, to the audience you inspire.

Other members of our core staff are experiencing their own forms of alignment shift. From relationship alignment to city alignment, to job alignment, we’re seeing it all over. And while this kind of change can be some of the toughest stuff to experience and watch others go through, it doesn’t hold a candle to the tolerance of mediocrity we were all allowing in different areas of our lives.

At RTC, we have a big mission to change lives through creativity and storytelling. And that mission requires we all get our own shit together and challenge ourselves to grow regularly as we challenge our clients to do the same. When we bring ourselves more fully to our own lives, we can bring that much more to those around us.

Here’s a quick alignment check for your consideration:

  • Does the heart of your business inspire you to go to work each day and make the world a better place for your customers?
  • Do you share core values with those around you: life partner, business partners, friends, staff, customers?
  • Does your home inspire you to separate work from play?
  • Does the spirit of the city you live in motivate you to involve yourself with your community?
  • Is your pay aligned with the type of lifestyle you want to live?
  • Is your relationship with your family (parents and siblings) a positive or negative influence on your life?
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Alignment is a constantly evolving aspect of our lives. What are areas of your life where you could find better alignment? What are you tolerating? Share your thoughts with me here so that you’ve written them down. Sending them out into the world is the first step in becoming accountable for change.

Corey Michael Blake, author of #Jump (April 2012) is the President of Round Table Companies and Writers of the Round Table Press. In addition to publishing some of the most prolific authors of our time, Corey consults businesses and leaders on using creativity to connect with their customers, instigate culture change, and define the heart of their business.

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