American companies show growing interest in generative AI

by / ⠀News / June 21, 2024
Generative AI Interest

A recent study involving 200 American companies has unveiled a growing interest in generative AI systems, despite the ambiguous financial impacts and undefined application purposes. Companies are keen on harnessing the power of AI for innovative solutions and operational optimizations.

Areas such as technology, healthcare, and finance are displaying significant interest in generative AI, with attempts to discover a spectrum of applications. AI implementation was among the top five priorities for 85% of the companies surveyed, though specific use cases for this technology are yet to be thoroughly defined.

Most companies are using AI for language generation and software coding, highlighting AI’s transformative potential. That said, just 1% of the respondents didn’t consider AI as significant in their overall strategic focus.

On the financial front, businesses are investing an average of $5 million annually in generative AI, with 20% of companies committing over $50 million towards AI development each year.

Exploring generative AI adoption in U.S. businesses

Satisfaction levels are high among businesses, although the justification for such hefty investments still remains a conventional concern.

Many tech giants including IBM, Microsoft, OpenAI, and Google have not been transparent about the return on investment for generative AI. This lack of clarity is causing businesses to question the cost and value proposition of AI, hence slowing down its mainstream adoption.

Only 11% of businesses had a well-defined strategy for using generative AI. Nevertheless, a notable minority reported that the technology is meeting their expectations. However, issues like underperformance, quality concerns, lack of internal expertise, and increased complications are obstacles in the path of AI utilization.

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Gene Rapoport, a pioneer in Generative AI projects, suggests CEO involvement in AI tool implementation for increased revenue and productivity. He believes that firms not capitalizing on AI risk trailing in market competition, and thus, calls for a dynamic AI strategy and continual employee training. He argues that leveraging AI can drive better insights, decision-making, and profitability.

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