Vista Outdoors plans ammunition business sale amid controversy

by / ⠀News / June 21, 2024
"Ammunition Controversy"

Minnesota-based company, Vista Outdoors, is seeking to sell its ammunition business which includes well-known brands like Federal and Remington. The sale process, in motion for over two years, triggers concerns among political factions due to a rising trend of American weaponry firms being acquired by foreign companies. A similar concern pertains to the possible sale of US Steel to Japan’s Nippon Steel.

Potential Texas investors are in play for Vista Outdoors, but a strong contender is the Czechoslovak Group (CSG) which is ready to offer nearly $2 billion in cash. If the deal happens, it wouldn’t be the first time Vista Outdoors engages with CSG; their sale of the Kinetic division to CSG previously stirred controversy.

Notably, Republican Senator from Ohio, J.D. Vance, expressed unease over this transaction over speculated indirect trading ties between CSG and Azerbaijan and alleged connections to Russian Premier Vladimir Putin.

Controversy surrounds Vista Outdoors ammunition sale

Vance, along others, argue that such a sale could imply supporting potentially unfavorable international relations.

Interestingly, CSG, established in the ’90s, transitioned from handling surplus military assets and scrap to becoming a leading ammunition producer. This was demonstrated during the Ukraine conflicts with Russia, during which CSG provided crucial support by supplying ammunition.

While these debates continue, the proposed sale of US Steel to Nippon Steel faces opposition as well. High-profile figures, including President Joe Biden, former President Donald Trump, and the United Steelworkers Union voiced their objections. The union advocates for a bid from Cleveland-Cliffs, believing that jobs will be more secure under their ownership.

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These ongoing events underline the political sensitivities often tied to major corporate transactions. As such, they will no doubt continue to fuel discussions surrounding overseas trade agreements and national security interests.

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