Ariana Grande expands creative horizons with HYBE

by / ⠀News / June 14, 2024
"Creative Horizons"

Pop sensation Ariana Grande is taking strides to deepen her professional ties with acclaimed photographer Katia Temkin and international entertainment giant HYBE, led by Scooter Braun in the US.

Together with Temkin, Grande plans to venture into groundbreaking projects that stretch the reach of creativity. The involvement of HYBE only promises to bolster the effect of these endeavors.

Grande’s turn to the social networking service, Weverse, hints at a shift towards a more immersive connection with her fans worldwide. She is also set to discover new opportunities through her innovative cosmetics brand, REM Beauty, thus potentially inserting a fresh element of genuineness to the beauty industry.

Retaining her management agreement with Brandon Creed and Good World Management, Grande aligns herself with the likes of Troye Sivan, Demi Lovato and other industry bigwigs, fostering her continuous growth and prominence in the global music scene.

An inside source reveals that her relationship with Creed, marked by mutual respect and a deep connection, plays a crucial role in her venture into acting alongside her successful music career.

Deepening creative ties: Ariana Grande and HYBE

This relationship was significant enough to influence Grande’s decision to cast Creed in an upcoming music video.

Amassing nine Billboard-charting albums, with six topping the list, Grande’s versatility is remarkable, mastering an amalgamation of genres from pop and R&B to trap and reggae. Her most recent album, ‘Eternal Sunshine’, features profound lyrical content and masterful production, marking yet another milestone in her prodigious career.

Apart from her music, Grande uses her platform to advocate for social and environmental issues, extending her influence beyond the music industry and showing off her multifaceted talent.

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Post the album’s release, Grande premiered a music video for her single “The Boy Is Mine,” featuring Penn Badgley and cameos from other influential musicians, a testament to her dedication to extending her creative boundaries and preserving the essence of music history.

In her acting venture, she is set to portray Glinda in an upcoming movie, stirring excitement among fans. Amid anticipation, preparations and a character study to embody the beloved character’s personality are underway, with the production team working tirelessly to bring their vision to the big screen.

The industry and fans alike are looking forward to Grande’s interpretation of the character, setting high expectations for the film and for Grande herself.

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