“Be a Voice, Not an Echo” How to Think Independently and Develop as a Leader

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"Be a Voice, Not an Echo" How to Think Independently and Develop Your Voice as a Leader

There are many inspirational quotes in the world. Many of these can help us get through hard times or make our dream of success. One such quote is from Albert Einstein himself. He said, “Be a voice, not an echo.” This deep and resounding quote has touched the hearts of countless people from around the globe.

But, how does one accomplish such a feat? A task easier said than done, but with the right guidance, passion, and even luck, you can learn how to think independently and develop your voice as a leader.

Thinking Independently

While it sounds like a simple solution, it is more complex than one can anticipate. For starters, thinking independently means that you need to come to conclusions yourself or refer to data and research to make sound solutions to problems and projects. This means that being well-read, open-minded, and precise with details are the kinds of things that help boost your independent thinking. You reflect from within and from understanding others to understand the world around you. Then, you apply that to your obstacles or tasks.

Being an independent thinker makes you a cut above the rest. Some people like individuals that they can mold as they see fit. But, if you are someone who goes their own pace, then that counts for something. Others will see that independent streak and will want you because doing your own thing has always been a success.

Having Passion for What You Do

With jobs, many of us just want to get our work done and get paid for it. That is totally fine if that is what works for you. However, if you are someone who wants to make a career out of something that you deeply are interested in, then go for it! Having passion for what you do can be an admirable trait. It means that you care about the work that you do and that you have a keen interest in honing your skills to perfect what you do.

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Yet, you also have to be careful because life isn’t fair sometimes. While you may not get picked for your passion, that’s okay! Rebounding from that is what makes you stronger anyway!

Always Be Learning

As a leader, you need to be a voice, not an echo. Doing so requires you to be a well-rounded individual. Now, you don’t need to be absolutely perfect in everything you do, but you have to understand the happenings in different areas of life. Being able to juggle these responsibilities while also admitting your mistakes is what gets people to follow you. Learn as much as you can! The world around us constantly changes with new info. It is best to learn what is in and out so that you can always be on top of your competitors.

Know What It Means to Be a Leader

Being a leader is much more than just telling everyone what to do. That commands no respect nor honor as a business person. Instead, you need to think about the quote, “be a voice, not an echo” and how to apply that to your leadership.

A leader is kind, helpful, determined, level-headed, and open-minded. Knowing that you are just a human at the end of the day is what can drive you to people. Being the rich CEO away from all the workers just creates resentment and nor does it command respect from them to you. Why should they, unless you are down there with them?! By adhering to positive morals and ethics, you can retain your customers and employees while also creating a respectable legacy for you and your business.

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Humble Yourself

You are human at the end of the day. It shouldn’t matter if you are just the owner of a little shop or the CEO of a global franchise, have a slice of humble pie. Your success was not just on you and you have to reflect on everyone who helped you get there.

Give employee appreciation gifts and thank those who got you where you are today. You could not have gotten there on your own. Besides, showing and having humility shows your empath side. With your power and influence, be a change of good in the world. Why not make a career in helping those in need and bettering the world around us?


“Be a voice, not an echo.” It is quite the quote with a lot of meaning behind it. By having a voice, you show dedication, leadership, and coolness to help lead your business toward success. It is not an easy thing to accomplish, but with assistance and being humble, you can showcase your talents and passion to the entire world!

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