Best Career Opportunities in AI in 2024

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Best Career Opportunities in AI in 2024

Every day, it seems like a new AI tool or technology is coming out that can replace humans—whether coders, product managers, SEO individuals, or UI/UX designers.

People get nervous and scared, especially when they are investing loads of time and energy into growing their careers and learning new things. You might want to check out this AI Job Board and see which AI jobs are trending right now as a way to match your skills to the jobs.

You will want to learn a skill that is in demand. It is equally important to learn a skill that you are passionate about. This is essential for evolving and growing. The truth is that you will thrive in your career by focusing on your passion.

Focus on Networking for Better Career Options

You will want to assess the trends, especially in relation to AI and AI tools, to know how you can stay in demand. You want to understand what makes companies hire people because people hire people. Even for the use of AI tools, companies need skilled people.

Often, having that human connection is essential so that your potential employer can see that you are collaborative and want you to be a part of their team. At the end of the day, networking is crucial, as is building that support system and community.

You might be an introvert and hate networking, but when you look at jobs that you have had in the past or will have in the future, it becomes easier to gain them when you have that network.

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We stress the importance of networking and human support. This will become even more important as AI and the future of technology continue evolving. So, you will want to focus on networking and maintaining connections. Your people will be the ones making the decisions about who they want to hire.

Potential Career Options in AI

Here are some of the best career options in AI for 2024 and beyond:

Computer Vision Engineer

Also known as a CV engineer, the job of a computer engineer is to create software using algorithms and visual input sensors. The systems used by the CV engineer can interpret their environment. You can find examples in self-driving cars and facial recognition.

A CV engineer uses Python, C++, and other languages. The CV engineer works on object detection, image segmentation, and scene comprehension.

ML Engineer

The job of an ML engineer is to deploy training algorithms and models, which are also the most important aspects of machine learning. To become an ML engineer, you will need an advanced degree in computer science or mathematics.

To become an ML engineer, you can also opt for a certification in ML, deep learning, or neural network. The compensation packages for ML engineers are notably attractive, with the average salary being $164,000 annually in the USA.

NLP Engineer

NLP stands for natural language processing. An NLP engineer is a computer scientist who specializes in algorithms and systems. Their skill set enables them to understand and process human language in its natural form.

Unlike traditional search engines that rely on keywords, generative AI interfaces, such as ChatGPT, create new content from patterns, engaging in conversation. NLP engineers might not necessarily have a programming background.

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As an NLP engineer, your expertise should include linguistics along with MT (machine translation), text summarization, and context comprehension.

Data Scientist

A data scientist is essentially a tech expert who analyzes data to guide and recognize organizational decisions. To analyze data and to guide organizational decisions effectively, data scientists use data mining, analytics, and big data techniques.

Data scientists use insights to streamline crucial organizational operations, improve sales, make decisions, and innovate.

Big Data Engineer

Big data engineers are required to deal with large data sets. They design, test, and maintain complex data systems for substantial data sets and primarily focus on tools such as HIVE, Spark, and Kafka.

Similar to AI researchers, big data engineers have advanced degrees in mathematics and statistics. Their skill set allows them to manage extensive data pipelines.

Software Engineer

Another AI career to look out for in 2024 is software engineering. A software engineer is someone who handles tasks from design to development. However, it would be rare to be an expert in all software fields, which is why software engineers tend to specialize in specific areas.

Software engineers work on various apps and interfaces, including ML (machine learning), IL (inference learning), NLP (natural language processing), and intrusion detection. This way, it is safe to state that software engineers cover various aspects of AI development.

Business Intelligence Developer

Also known as the BI engineer, the business intelligence developer predates modern AI and relies on extensive data sets. A BI developer uses a data analytics platform, reporting tools, and visualizations to transform raw data sets into valuable insights for informed decision-making.

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The BI engineer will work with coding languages such as SQL and Python and tools such as OLAP, Data mining, and ETL.

Robotics Engineer

Essentially, a robotics engineer is a software developer who creates and improves software for robot control. This technological field has experienced recent advances, such as popular automated home cleaners and precise surgical robots.

Robotics engineers often use machine learning and artificial intelligence to improve robot performance. Their work focuses on software through sensory input and careful debugging of software and hardware.

The objective of a robotics engineer is to streamline operations.

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