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Get ready for a wild ride, folks! Canva has unleashed an array of magical, AI-powered tools designed to blast your creativity and productivity into another dimension (and add a bit more sparkle to your brand while you’re at it).

Grab your shades and buckle up because we’re about to explore Canva’s impressive new lineup of tools, including their ai image generator, that’ll make your design journey smoother than a jazz saxophone solo!


Best Used For:

Brand Hub

Keeping an organization’s visual identity consistent and on-brand


Grouping assets for specific events, campaigns, and projects for easy organization

Brand Templates

Creating pre-branded reusable templates to save time on repetitive tasks

Magic Replace

Quickly swapping out an asset across all designs with just one click

Magic Eraser

Removing unwanted elements or objects from images

Magic Edit

Transforming objects or images using generative AI

Magic Design

Generating personalized design templates based on uploaded images

AI-Powered Copywriting Assistant

Generating written content quickly and easily with AI assistance

Translation Feature

Translating text and speaking over 100 languages fluently

Video Editing Tool

Editing and matching video footage to the beat of any soundtrack

953 New Fonts and Non-Workspace-Specific Tools

Adding new fonts and other editing features to layouts, layers, styles, and gradients

Alt Text Generator

Generating descriptive alt text for images

1. Brand Hub Extravaganza

Say goodbye to inconsistency and hello to harmony with Brand Hub—your one-stop-suite to keeping your organization’s visual identity sizzling hot. It’s like a superhero sidekick, ensuring you stay on-brand as you conquer the design universe. Pow!

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2. Brandfolders: Organize Like a Boss

Ever heard of Marie Kondo? Consider Brand Folders her digital counterpart, helping you group assets for specific events, campaigns, and projects so effortlessly even your sock drawer would be jealous. Sayonara clutter and arigato gozaimasu, Brand Folders!

3. Brand Templates: Repetitive Tasks Be Gone!

If there’s one thing we just *adore,* it’s doing mundane tasks over and over again… said no one ever! With pre-branded reusable Brand Templates, repetitive tasks will be as extinct as the dodo. So, go ahead, embrace your newfound freedom to frolic in the world of creativity!

4. Magic Replace: Abracadabra!

Like waving a magic wand, Magic Replace lets you swap out an asset across all your designs with just one click! Watch in awe as those stubborn coffee stains vanish from existence. Then, discover how this supernatural tool is truly the Houdini of design.

5. Magic Eraser: Say Buh-Bye to Unwanted Elements

Perhaps you’d like to remove that pesky ex from your holiday photo. Or remove a stray squirrel who photobombed your masterpiece. Whatever the reason, Magic Eraser is here to rescue and restore your precious moments with finesse!

6. Magic Edit: Swap it Like it’s Hot

Magic Edit is like the Fairy Godmother of design, transforming pumpkins into carriages. Or objects into entirely new masterpieces—using generative AI. Puff! Get ready to witness design sorcery in action.

7. Magic Design: Presto-Change-o Templates

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any more magical, enter Magic Design! Upload any image and watch as it conjures up a curated selection of personalized templates. It’s like having your very own design genie granting wishes left and right!

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8. AI-Powered Copywriting Assistant: Your Chatty New BFF

Never be at a loss for words again! The AI-powered copywriting assistant is here to help generate written content faster than a caffeine-fueled poet with just a simple text prompt. Let the words flow!

9. Translation Feature: World Explorer Extraordinaire

Bonjour! Hola! Konnichiwa! The translation feature not only easily translates any text in your design but also speaks over 100 languages fluently. Talk about impressive multitasking!

10. Video Editing Tool: Slice & Dice to the Beat

Bop your head and tap your feet as the Video Editing Tool matches your video footage to the beat of any soundtrack. Likewise, you’ll be choreographing visual dance moves that even Fred Astaire would applaud!

11. 953 New Fonts and Non-Workspace-Specific Tools: Font-tastic Additions!

From whimsical swirls to corporate straight lines, feast your eyes on 953 new fonts, plus a host of other snazzy editing features for layouts, layers, styles, and gradients. It’s like an all-you-can-eat typography buffet!

12. Alt Text Editor: Decoding Visual Language

No more trying to edit images after downloading to add alt texts as you can now do that while editing in Canva and make your life easier by whipping up perfect alt text directly within Canva. Voilà!

So there you have it, design aficionados! Canva’s new AI-powered tools are here to make your creative journey exhilarating and efficient! Now, don’t be shy—go ahead and immerse yourself in these magical features and watch your brand shine like never before!

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