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Diane Keng

Photo: Wall Street Journal

Young entrepreneurs are not just under 30, how about under 18! Out in Silicon Valley where the startup culture is vibrant there are many high schooler’s building companies that most people would dream of. These kids are pitching investors on 100,000 dollar deals and selling their companies for million all before they know what college they are going to.

There are many advantages to starting companies this young. For one these kids really have nothing to lose. So what if they fail? If they have a couple businesses fail before they are 18 they are way ahead of the pack and are still on track to build that million dollar company at a very young age.

Now these are just some of the success stories. Of course many ventures fail and we never hear that kids name. But you never know if you don’t try and just maybe you and your company will end up in one of these stories one day.

The Wall Street Journal reported this story and here are some of the young entrepreneurs mentioned:

1. Diane Keng who is 18 launched the internet company She is still going to high school every morning but misses tests and class to pitch investors and by the way this is her third company.

2. Gurbaksh Chahal started his first ad company at 16 and sold it when he was 18 for 40 million. He then started another ad network and sold it for 300 million at 25…Seems like he learned from his mistakes.

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3, Kristopher Tate finished high school early to begin commuting to Silicon Valley to run his startup Zooomr.

4, Arjun Mehta was only in 6th grade when he started an online company selling his winnings from online games. He passed it onto his dad as he went on into 8th grade.

There are a lot of work/life balance issues with these young entrepreneurs. Who has a normal high school social life when your running a million dollar company? But for some people it is the right choice and for others maybe you should just set some small goals and build your momentum as you get older.

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