Businesses to Start in College: The Top 5

by / ⠀Entrepreneurship / April 22, 2022
Need a way to make some extra cash while enrolled in college? Here are five easy jobs for any student to start a business while in college.

Money is usually an issue for college students. Trying to fit in a job around English, history, and math hw, among other subjects can be challenging. Many can get a variety of jobs wherever they currently reside, but they can also work at their college. For others, they start their own business to get that extra money and to start becoming an entrepreneur. Here are the top five business ideas to start while still in college.

1. Social Media

In this day and age, social media has become extremely important in our daily lives. It has quickly started as a business, even in college.

Some college students make money by advertising products for brands on their personal social media. These advertisers can also get freebies by advertising, causing their followers to buy the product.

The best thing is that you can advertise anything you can. You can be niche and keep to one thing such as athletics, home décor, or food. Or you can just do whatever floats your boat as it is not uncommon for an influencer to promote a broad variety of products.

2. Pet Sitting

Probably the best job in the world is to get paid for taking care of someone’s pet.

Many people are busy with their daily lives and will struggle to take care of their pets. A college student can watch multiple pets over the course of several days or weeks.

Luckily, many pets are easy to take care of and it is usually for a couple of hours. Starting this business at college also helps with responsibility, especially with someone else’s pet, it can be important to hold yourself accountable to make sure the pet is okay and safe.

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3. Sell Your Creative Talent

If you are a creator of cooking, music, or more, you can sell your services to those who will pay.

Websites like Fiverr have creatives buying and selling their talent. You can also look on social media such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook where there are communities of people who commission art, music, recipes, and so much more.

Colleges have bands, art clubs, and other organizations, joining these groups will be a big help and can even help you start a business at college.

4. Self-Publish a Book

Have you always had an idea for a story? Well…write a book!

With tablets like Kindles making it easier to read or audiobooks that can be listened to on a long car ride, books are still extremely popular. There is nothing that stops you from becoming a published author and if you aren’t a storyteller, you can translate that writing into other avenues such as writing for a newspaper, a blog, or a website.

Talk to your professors to help you start your self-publishing business in college.

5. Grow and Sell Fresh Produce

If your community has a town garden, start using it to grow fresh fruits and veggies.

Another option is that many plants can be grown indoors and so some plants like herbs can be grown. Similarly, windowsills that are large enough can hold several pots of fruits and vegetables like tomatoes and a variety of berries.

Be sure to also check if your town has a local farmer’s market, there, you can find like-minded individuals who do the same as you do. This can create more business and new friends. Likewise, you also might be able to promote your business or even start a business on your college campus.

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