Can Psychometric Testing Help You Find Better Candidates?

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There are two words that often strike fear into the heart of even the most well-prepared job applicant: Psychometric. Testing.

Because of many firms’ misuse or poor implementation of the screening technique, some candidates have been put off taking the quizzes – believing that they do not demonstrate any real positive traits and merely artificially reduce the pool of jobseekers considered for a position.

But, quite frankly, this needn’t be the case. If properly utilised, psychometric testing can have the following benefits:

Improved recruitment efficiency

While critics of psychometric testing believe it simply cuts out a huge number of candidates arbitrarily, this simply isn’t the case. Accurately measuring an applicant’s ability to solve problems and take on abstract challenges is a fantastic way to gauge their suitability for a role.

This will massively streamline the recruitment process for companies that choose to apply it via an in-house system, or through an easier, time-saving sales recruitment agency.

Shows the seriousness of a position

Any candidate worth their salt will, or at least should, be expecting to take on a thorough psychometric test if they expect to get a top job. But what many hiring managers don’t understand is that the screening technique is suitable for even the lowest, entry level or graduate position.

Making sure that every single member of your workforce is fit for purpose and ready to take on the challenges that will inevitably wait for them is a fantastic idea for recruiters in every organisation.

In fact, some businesses have put their staff through psychometric tests if they are applying for a promotion, especially if they have not yet demonstrated the necessary applied skills to show they are ready for an increase in responsibility.

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Enables the measurement of potential

While CVs are an absolutely vital part of any recruitment process, what a resume doesn’t show is an ability or hunger to rise up the corporate ladder, or – in the case of sales staff – generate serious income.

Sure, a person’s degree or work experience is a crucial aspect of their application, but it doesn’t really demonstrate what they’re going to do in the future.

Simply using an interview alone will rarely give hiring managers the profile of a candidate necessary to show how they will react to future challenges or opportunities – as many jobseekers will simply rehearse their role so much that it becomes more of a performance than an accurate representation of talent.

This problem can be mitigated with a psychometric testing system, which shows the inner hunger and ability of applicants that might otherwise have been overlooked in favour of someone with a slightly more competitive CV.

Finds the perfect employee

Overall, it’s really quite simple. Any sales executive wants good, solid talent for when the situation arises. The industry has no time for prima donnas that have no chance of driving profits – so making sure that anyone hired is perfect for an individual company is of huge importance.

That’s one of the beauties of psychometric testing, it doesn’t find the “best” employee, it focuses on finding the one that’s right for you!

The word ‘bespoke’ is thrown around rather loosely by sales recruitment agencies sometimes, but there are many companies (find out more here) that offer tailored tests that will make sure any future employee is absolutely perfect for you.

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