Cannabis business optimism forecasted for next year

by / ⠀News / May 23, 2024
Optimistic Cannabis Forecast

A recent survey indicates that 48% of revenue-generating cannabis businesses are optimistic about industry performance in the forthcoming year. Factoring in those expecting the status quo, the optimism rate rises to 82%. Meanwhile, 18% of companies remain unsure due to potential policy shifts and market conditions. Despite the risks, the overall sentiment leans towards positivity and hope.

New cannabis business operators also mirror this enthusiasm, with 82% expecting industry advancement in the coming year. Their confidence stems from the ongoing legalization and increasing acceptance of cannabis usage. Despite the industry’s nascent and rapidly evolving nature, they anticipate significant progress in the coming year. Their optimism seems to hold firm, indicating the increasing legitimacy of the cannabis industry.

However, only 35% of businesses no longer generate revenue and hold a positive view of the industry.

Forecasting optimism in the cannabis business

Industry expert Bob Groesbeck stressed the need for regulatory changes and cautioned about the industry’s complexities.

Leading industry professionals Lo Friesen, founder and CEO of Heylo, and Chad Ricketts, retail director for Native Roots Cannabis, expressed caution due to the sector’s young nature and the considerable effort required to maintain business operations. They underscored the importance of understanding the financial aspects and the layers of complexities within the cannabis industry.

Despite the potential for substantial growth, these industry leaders warn of the constant risks involved, especially the volatility of regulations and the market. They stress resilience, adaptability, and comprehensive planning as requirements for successfully navigating this young, fast-paced industry.

Interestingly, a call is also for better banking solutions and fair taxation laws to overcome industry hurdles. Bob Groesbeck highlighted these points for future discussions.

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Different sectors within the industry register varying levels of optimism – manufacturers and processors (73%), retailers (67%), and cultivators are the most reserved at 59%. However, the overall sentiment remains positive with anticipated growth in the coming years.

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