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Reading books is a vital life skill. It’s the best way to record history and share beloved stories. There are plenty of books out there packed with valuable facts and there are great volumes with priceless insights on human experiences. It’s heartbreaking but we have to admit that global literacy rates are declining. Young people around the world are less interested in reading. The lack of interest in books has extended to the business environment, and increasingly more business people are reading less.

Why should you let yourself influenced by advanced technology and other distractions when you can become a great leader by reading books? Reading improves communication, organizational effectiveness, and emotional intelligence. It reduces stress and it makes rookie leaders climb up the corporate ladder and become savvy business individuals. Are you convinced that reading books can make you a better business person? Let’s see what books you should include on your list.

Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion by Robert Cialdini


Persuasion and the power to influence are at the heart of any business. If you’re a starting entrepreneur with big plans, this is a book you can’t ignore. Learn about ways to reach customers, clients, employees, and suppliers; find out more about the principals of persuasion, and prepare yourself to master the art of the finest psychological precepts in the business environment. The book is based on the personal interviews and experiences of Robert Cialdini, and it’s an excellent way of getting to know how important persuasion can be in everyday life.

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The Ascent of Money” by Niall Ferguson


The book is meant for young people who want to become business leaders some day. The Ascent of Money talks about financial wealth and the way it has become the heart of capitalism. Prior to starting any business, it’s vital that you understand the financial world we’re currently dealing with. Niall Ferguson is one of the most preeminent historians of the current era, and its book manages to trace the financial market and the evolution of money from ancient times to the modern world.

The Innovator’s Dilemma” by Clayton M. Christensen

the innovators dilemma

50 Thinkers ranked Clayton M. Christensen the greatest business thinker in the world. In this book, he talks about disruption and innovation in business. Any young leader looking to start and drive a business should read it. It’s conceivably the most foundational book for entrepreneurs because it talks about the best ways to fight competitors that are constantly menacing to disrupt the system by using new technology.

Ender’s Game” by Orson Scott Card

enders game

Buried with great leadership lessons, Ender’s Game is an all-time classic. It talks about facing challenging such as confrontation and isolation, as well as about gaining respect and support from subordinates. The book is not your regular type of business book considering it is a sci-fi novel, but it will certainly help young leaders understand the ins and outs of holding the power.

The Synergist” by Les Mckeown


Young leaders who want to learn about the way other people operate and lead their affairs are advised to read The Synergist. The book will also help them understand how ordinary people think, thus allowing them to adjust their communication style and build an effective team.

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Founders at Work” by Jessica Livingston

Founders at Work

There’s no better way to learn about leadership than to read about leaders. Jessica Livingston’s book includes interviews with some of the world’s greatest entrepreneurs. Fascinated by companies such as Yahoo, Google, PayPal and Firefox, Jessica included some pretty incredible interviews in her book. If you’re a young entrepreneur with bright ideas but little courage to get started in the business world, Founders at Work will be of great assistance. Although you might have to face a lot of challenges along the way, it’s really important to never give up if you want to succeed.

Do you want to thrive in business? Are you ready to face the most difficult challenges and become a successful entrepreneur? The above mentioned books are meant to chart your career and help you get things started. Motivation is the key to everything, and as long as you feel motivated to get started in the business world, everything else shouldn’t matter that much. Do you have that determination to succeed? Are you ready to fail and start all over again?

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