How Equity-Based Crowdfunding Can Be a Tipping Point for Small Business Innovation

by / ⠀Funding Startup Advice / October 25, 2012

Funding drives small business innovation. But in the wake of the Great Recession, commercial lenders and other funding sources have tightened their criteria, leaving many small companies underfunded and unable to leverage innovation as a driver of business growth. Equity-based crowdfunding, or the process of raising capital through small investors in exchange for ownership shares, is emerging as a potential answer to the small business funding dilemma. In…

How to Negotiate Your Equity Compensation in VC-Backed Startups

by / ⠀Funding Startup Advice / October 24, 2012

In our work at venture-backed startups, we are amazed at how hard new employees will negotiate pay, benefits, workspace, duties, titles, etc. and just totally accept their equity compensation. So, we have prepared six questions that will make you look really smart and help you understand your equity compensation.  It may also make you a lot richer when your Company is acquired. Assumption: You have been offered an…

6 Useful Financial Tips for the Newly Self-Employed

by / ⠀Funding Startup Advice / October 22, 2012

Taking the plunge into the world of self-employment is exciting. You’re finally gaining the independence you’ve been seeking, putting your expertise and skills to use exactly how you see best fit. But with this professional independence comes financial independence – a much less exciting endeavor when you’ve become accustomed to a steady salary and benefits under a corporate gig. But financial independence doesn’t have to be daunting. Here…

The One Decision That Will Wreck Your Business Finances

by / ⠀Funding Startup Advice / October 12, 2012

Have you ever wondered why finances seem to disappear the moment you make a decision to follow your dream? When you decide to leave your job and focus on building your business? I believe in provision, but the first test seemingly of entrepreneurship is to find if you can do with less, and tests not mustered seem to persist until we gain a mastery of them, and another…

Ignore the Naysayers—The JOBS Act Will Create Jobs

by / ⠀Funding / October 7, 2012

The JOBS Act, the law that allows companies to raise capital via “crowdfunding” for the first time, is appearing more and more in the news. Many people, rather than looking forward to raising capital, are instead raising alarms. Just to take a couple of examples, The North American Securities Administrators Association (NASAA) called it a danger facing investors, saying the act could “unwittingly open a floodgate of fraud.”…

Out-of-the-Box Ways to Genuinely Save Money and Get Your Business Going

by / ⠀Funding Startup Advice / October 3, 2012

Starting a new business is never easy. After all, there are plenty of statistics that define how often new business ventures fail. However, when you look at why failure occurs, it becomes rather obvious that a lot of it has to do with lacking capital and financing. In essence, a lot of businesses fail simply because they can’t get off the ground. A lot of businesses fail because…

10 Effortless Ways for Your Small Business to Rock at Saving Money

by / ⠀Funding Startup Advice / September 26, 2012

Small businesses in today’s economic environment have become experts at cutting costs and saving money; they have to in order to not only survive but flourish.  Every dollar saved in one area is a dollar that can be used elsewhere or can translate into profit.  Many ways to save money are quite easy to do and ten suggestions are below. 1. The Paperless Office With wi-fi access being…

Online Fundraising for Entrepreneurs: Three Key Steps

by / ⠀Funding Startup Advice / August 23, 2012

As an entrepreneur, there may well come a time when you need to raise money for your business. And quite often, you won’t want to take out a loan or give away precious equity. One solution is to start an online fundraiser that meets suits the type of business you have, the amount of money you need and the level of generosity within your existing network of contacts.…

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