Climbing Costco’s Ladder: Former Teacher Finds Security and Success

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Climbing Costco's Ladder: Former Teacher Finds Security and Success
As a teacher, Maggie Perkins always had a passion for education and nurturing young minds. However, after eight years in the profession, she found herself burnt out and in need of a change. Little did she know, her new career path would lead her to Costco, where she would find fulfillment, security, and a lifelong career.

Finding a Calling

Maggie’s love for teaching stemmed from the joy she experienced while guiding her students’ learning journeys. She embraced creativity in her classroom, allowing her students to explore different avenues of learning. From creating historical Instagram accounts to performing interpretive trapeze routines, Maggie’s teaching style was far from traditional. She believed in facilitating creativity rather than embodying an authoritative role.

However, as the years went by, Maggie found herself overwhelmed by the additional responsibilities that came with being a teacher. Committee meetings, behavioral issues, and planning field trips consumed her time outside of the classroom. The extra work took a toll on her, and she realized that the administrative tasks were overshadowing her passion for teaching.

A Surprising Career Change

In 2022, a new Costco was set to open in Maggie’s town. Initially, she considered pursuing education-adjacent work, but something about the opportunity at Costco intrigued her. The retail giant offered a career ladder to climb, a rarity in many other workplaces. Curiosity got the better of her, and she decided to take a chance.

Starting as a membership clerk, Maggie quickly realized that Costco offered a refreshing change from the teaching environment. The labor-intensive nature of her first role, combined with the variety of tasks, reminded her of the aspects of teaching she enjoyed. She transitioned to the front-end cashier position, where she continued to interact with customers and share her experiences.

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From Teacher to Corporate Trainer

Maggie’s dedication and passion for teaching did not go unnoticed at Costco. She was soon offered a position as a corporate trainer, responsible for creating content and materials for the marketing department. Her role involved ensuring that warehouses had the necessary training resources and conducting training events at new and existing locations. It was the perfect blend of teaching, content creation, and travel, allowing her to apply her skills in a new and exciting way.

One of the most significant benefits of her career change was the financial aspect. Maggie found herself making 50% more than she did as a teacher. This increase in income provided her with the security and stability she had been missing in her previous profession.

Embracing the Costco Culture

Maggie’s love for her job at Costco goes beyond the tasks she performs. She feels a sense of safety and comfort in the company’s culture, something she didn’t experience as a teacher. Her supervisors value her input and trust her interactions with customers. The variety of tasks keeps her engaged and interested, just as she enjoyed in teaching. The sense of community she found on TikTok, where she shares her journey with other former and current teachers, validates her decision to leave the teaching profession.

Rediscovering Self-Worth

Leaving teaching behind wasn’t an easy decision for Maggie. Being a teacher was not just a job for her; it was a part of her identity. In a society where our worth is often tied to our careers, untangling her self-worth from being a teacher proved challenging. However, through her experience at Costco, she has found new ways to value herself. Working in an environment that values her contributions and provides opportunities for growth has been instrumental in her journey of rediscovering her self-worth.

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The Impact of Maggie’s Story

Maggie’s story resonates with many teachers who find themselves on the edge of burnout. Her journey from teacher to successful corporate trainer at Costco offers hope and inspiration to those seeking a change. Her TikTok account has become a hub for former and current teachers to share their experiences and find support from like-minded individuals.

Maggie’s experience at Costco highlights the importance of finding a career that aligns with one’s passions and provides a supportive environment. Her story serves as a reminder that it’s never too late to make a change and pursue a path that brings fulfillment and growth.


Q: How did Maggie’s teaching experience help her in her role at Costco?

A: Maggie’s teaching experience played a crucial role in her success at Costco. Her ability to facilitate creativity, engage with customers, and create educational content made her a valuable asset to the company. She was able to apply her teaching skills in a new context, combining her passion for education with her knack for content creation.

Q: How did Maggie’s income change after transitioning to Costco?

A: Maggie’s income increased significantly after she transitioned from teaching to working at Costco. She found herself making 50% more than she did as a teacher. This increase provided her with the financial security and stability she had been seeking.

Q: What did Maggie find appealing about the Costco culture?

A: Maggie found the culture at Costco to be safe, comfortable, and supportive. She felt valued by her supervisors and appreciated the variety of tasks she was assigned. The sense of community she found within the company made her feel like she had found a place where she could build a lifelong career.

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Q: How did Maggie’s journey resonate with other teachers?

A: Maggie’s journey resonated with many teachers who find themselves facing burnout. Her story offers hope and inspiration to those seeking a change in their careers. Through her TikTok account, she has created a community where teachers can share their experiences and find support from others who understand their struggles.

Q: What can we learn from Maggie’s story?

A: Maggie’s story teaches us the importance of finding a career that aligns with our passions and values. It’s never too late to make a change and pursue a path that brings fulfillment and growth. Maggie’s journey serves as a reminder that our self-worth is not solely defined by our careers, and it’s essential to find ways to value ourselves outside of our professional lives.


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