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Coaching for Impact, a significant business initiative, has played a key role in escalating the growth of small businesses including Vontélle, a women-centric luxury eyewear brand. The initiative places great emphasis on problem-solving, strategy development, performance management, and strengthening core competencies, supporting business growth and providing solutions to common business challenges. Vontélle is one shining example of the initiative’s contribution, experiencing significant market prominence and operational growth.

Coaching for Impact adopts a distinctive approach by pairing entrepreneurs with experienced business consultants who offer guidance, practical assistance, and support in accessing capital, thereby fostering growth. This mentoring model enables entrepreneurs to benefit from their consultants’ experience and connections, assisting them in overcoming common hurdles and augmenting growth potential.

Joy Butts, Vice President and seasoned consultant of Coaching for Impact, sheds light on the initiative’s personalized approach.

“Our program devises a curriculum tailored to each business’s specific situation and objectives, covering a wide range of topics,” Butts said. This customized curriculum addresses challenges such as securing capital, maintaining cash flow, and forming future growth strategies.

The experienced consultants at Coaching for Impact employ their vast knowledge in the financial services sector to provide custom business solutions and lending advice. Their goal is to empower businesses with the right tools for long-term financial success.

Co-founders of Vontélle, Tracy Vontélle Green and Nancey Harris, are beneficiaries of the Coaching for Impact program.

Empowering small businesses through impactful coaching

Utilizing skills and resources from the program, they moulded Vontélle into a successful eyewear brand offering unique, vibrant, and culturally inspired collections. Notably, their progress gained support from the program and launched their brand distinctively in the competitive market.

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Vontélle has formed partnerships with local businesses and achieved nationwide distribution with a leading eyewear retailer since its inception in 2019, demonstrating the initiative’s effectiveness. Additionally, Coaching for Impact has positively influenced around 5,000 small enterprises to achieve business goals.

“Our initiative not only enhances the chances of business success but also contributes to community success,” said Butts.

Vontélle is now also organizing entrepreneurship workshops to share knowledge and skills, appreciating the importance of a supportive environment for small businesses. Through their effective market strategies, Vontélle has been able to make a significant mark in the industry spectacularly quickly.

Moreover, the influence of Coaching for Impact is evident in the heightened survival rate of small businesses, especially during their initial years. About 5,000 enterprises are now thriving, thanks to the initiative’s guidance, majorly benefitting their respective communities.

In conclusion, Coaching for Impact, by fostering individual businesses’ growth, generates a ripple effect of success that transcends the business realm and impacts the broader community. Offering such a supportive framework promotes the growth of businesses, instilling unity and camaraderie among them.

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