College Graduates Are Now Questioning the True Value of Their College Degrees

by / ⠀Startup Advice / May 31, 2012

At a time in which the leaders of tomorrow should be excited to begin their careers, college graduates are now questioning the true value of their college degrees.  What once seemed like a guarantee for a successful life is now a gateway for an interview.  An interview for a position in which their degree will more than likely not reflect the job description.  But with unemployment rates at an all time high, graduates now feel pressured to be thankful for a job offer rather than identifying the opportunity to create something pure.

“After my initial four years of college, I was not ready to graduate.  I knew that if I did, I would forever miss the place I spent the most important years of my life.  The four years that equipped me to look at life through the lens of an egotistic entrepreneur with little experience and a life long list of ideas.  At the end of those four years, I was not yet prepared to say goodbye to the friends who eventually became more like family.  Not ready to begin searching for a real job that would lead to a career.  Not willing to exchange my drunken debates with boring meetings.  I wasn’t even ready to replace ramen noodles with steak and shrimp.”

Since the moment I crawled out of my cap and gown I have experienced mixed feelings towards my college degree.  It seemed like my most successful friends were those who didn’t shake a man’s hand on stage.  The same people I shared a college campus with were those feeling pressure to become waitresses, cold callers and bartenders.  Not the most ideal careers to pay off thousands of dollars in student loans?!

One day while feeling undervalued at my internship (I settled for an internship after graduation), I decided my degree wasn’t worth the tree they cut down.  The next day I decided to turn in my 2 weeks notice and pursue entrepreneurship through talent management, real estate and writing.  From that moment I decided to share my personal thoughts and experiences during my first full year in the real world.  I can honestly say all I have to show for the past 12 months is a story.  A story that I hope you can relate to, learn from, or laugh at.  The memories I have created, people I have met, and lessons I have learned are far more valuable than any 9 to 5 salary.

My goal in life has always been to leave an impression.  With this book I intend to do just that.  Generation Y is a different breed of individuals.

“Generation Y is by far the most versatile and unique group of individuals.  Our competitiveness separates us from previous generations.  Our will to succeed without the patience to start from the ground and work our way up leaves many in a confused state of mind.  We are always thinking of that next innovative idea that will generate millions of dollars while influencing the world.  We know what we want and we want it NOW.  Success has replaced the dollar sign.  The definition has evolved into something more than returning to your high school reunion in a Mercedes.”

I guess what I am trying to do is encourage my peers (and those who will find themselves in our shoes) to pursue your dreams by not giving in to the constant pressure to simply “pay the bills” with a job that you will later regret accepting.  We are currently in a job market that is perfect for young entrepreneurs.  Without much to lose, why not take advantage of the situation and pursue your true career aspirations.  There is little to lose and the world to gain.

Although YOUNG AND HUNGRY; A College Degree is Expensive Cooking Spray is primarily intended for Generation Y, I hope this gives older generations a better understanding of what we are about.

We all know we are Young and Hungry, we just prefer to take our time looking at the menu for exactly what we want.

As a 2011 graduate of Ohio University, I am the author of Young and Hungry; A College Degree is Expensive Cooking Spray as well as a Realtor with RE/MAX Metro Plus in Columbus, OH.  In addition to writing on my blog,, I am a talent manager for up and coming talent in central Ohio.

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