Copenhagen startup curbs waste with surplus food app

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"Surplus Food App"

Too Good To Go, a Copenhagen-based startup, aims to combat food waste with its innovative mobile app. The app connects consumers with eateries and grocery stores that have surplus food available at discounted rates. Operated on the circular economy principle, it maximizes resources and minimizes waste, thus supporting both environmental conservation and businesses’ bottom line.

Originally designed to help buffet-style restaurants, the app now services any food business dealing with excess food. It offers ‘surprise bags’ filled with food items nearing their best-before dates but still safe to consume. This both reduces potential waste and provides affordable meals for consumers.

The success of the startup has led to its expansion across Europe, as well as in US cities like Detroit and Pittsburgh. Approximately 70 local businesses have joined the platform in Detroit, reflecting the promising efficacy of the app.

Too Good To Go spokesperson Sara Soteroff marks Detroit as a favorable location for growth and expansion. She reiterates the company’s dedication to eradicating food waste and emphasizes that its central mission is to ensure that all produced food is consumed.

The ‘surprise bags’ typically cost $6-$7, helping restaurant owners recover some revenue while reducing food waste.

Copenhagen startup’s app reduces food waste.

Predicting the contents of these surprise bags adds excitement for customers, promoting sustainability and encouraging the try of food items not regularly ordered. This provides a resilient business practice during challenging economic times.

Nathan Hamood, founder of Dessert Oasis and early adopter of the app, praises it for aiding in cost recoupment from surplus food items. He highlights the app’s effectiveness in reducing waste, offsetting expenses, and promoting conscious consumerism. Notably, the app has been so successful that Hamood is considering implementing it across all his stores.

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Café Noir also attests to the app’s benefits. According to Evan Fay and Asher Van Sickle of Café Noir, the platform effectively curbs food wastage and strengthens customer relationships. They applaud the app for aligning with their business objective of reducing food waste and facilitating customer engagement. Overall, the app exemplifies the potential of integrating technology with food industry to promote waste reduction and sustainability.

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