Dan Novaes

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What’s your name?

Dan Novaes

What’s the name of your company?

MobileX Labs

How old are you? 


Where can we find you tweeting?


Why should you win the Under30CEO March Madness Entrepreneur Mashup?

Together, Kiran, myself, and our team represent all the positives and negatives that come with being an Under30 company. We’re a young team of eight with an average age of 21.5. Obviously, that has its challenges. Regardless, we have conquered some big feats. Among them, getting Mark Cuban on board. Negotiating deals with renown artists like WakaFlocka, GorillaZoe,Felguk, and more. The coolest thing about MobileX is our software. What we built for everyone with so little resources is nothing short of remarkable if you ask me. That’s what being a young entrepreneur is all about, “The Hustle.” Bootstrap what takes others millions in funding to make!

Who are your co-founders and what are they like?

Believe it or not, I met Kiran on Fiverr.com, a website known for $5 gigs and entry-level programmers nearly 2 years ago. Unaware, I had just met someone who would turn out to be an extremely gifted iOS programmer and a close friend Kiran (just 17 at the time) was looking to make extra money. I worked with Kiran for nearly a year as a contractor and built a friendship with him. I had no idea of his age until we became close friends, as he is so advanced for his age. When i had the idea for MobileX Labs I went to him with it, just asking what he thought. He was very interested and a couple months later we decided that we had the potential to build something amazing. We found that our skill sets complemented each other nicely as Kiran is more technical and I am more business minded. After building out a good part of MobileX Labs I brought Kiran to live in Chicago and he will be coming back to the states in Late March/April once again..

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Tell us about your company!

MobileX Labs allows anyone to become a mobile app developer. Create stunning iOS & Android apps for FREE in minutes. No coding required! Our builder is highly customizable and allows for high levels of engagement for your fans. We have a variety of plans and services to fit any budget ($0-159 per month). We believe current app builders make the app creation process too complex, ugly, and forget that apps MUST provide value in order for them to be worthwhile. We have created a “WIX.com” for apps, giving everyone the ability to have awesome, customized native apps in minutes.

Who do you pick to win the NCAA tournament?

Indiana University – Go Hoosiers!

If you could be one college mascot, who would you be and why?

I would be a Indiana Hoosier, because once a Indiana Hoosier always a Indiana Hoosier. #HoosierBrotherhood

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