DeForest skillfully balances growth and tranquility

by / ⠀News / May 16, 2024
"Balanced Growth"

DeForest, a peaceful Wisconsin village, is drawing in new residents and businesses thanks to its proximity to major cities and a charming environment filled with green parks and friendly community members. As DeForest blossoms, it strives to hold onto its small-town charm while also attracting businesses to stimulate the local economy.

Over the past two years, Administrator Bill Chang and the village planning team approved over half a million square feet for business construction, showcasing their commitment to nurturing economic development while preserving the local ecosystem.

In 2023, PinSeekers, a golf amusement center established by ex-professional golfer Ryan Ranguette, chose DeForest for its business model, recognizing the village’s potential advantages and commitment to recreational activities alongside local business innovation. This move displays Ranguette’s passion for the sport and demonstrates the synergistic relationship between the village and its businesses, contributing to a rise in recreational offerings and a positive shift in community dynamics.

Since its establishment, PinSeekers has built a mutually beneficial relationship with DeForest, working continuously to enhance local life through golf and opportunities for community connection and economic expansion. The presence of this golf amusement center has led to employment opportunities for residents, resulting in a positive socio-economic impact.

Balancing DeForest’s growth with tranquility

Ranguette believes that as DeForest develops, it will entice new homeowners and create opportunities for his business. He predicts that this growth will generate a greater demand for his services, enabling his venture to thrive over the long run.

Despite these positive prospects, Administrator Chang expressed worry about managing the growth rate to preserve the town’s unique appeal. Future projects such as the establishment of a Kwik Trip campus slated for Summer 2025 and the possible inauguration of the first Wisconsin Buc-ee’s Travel Center demonstrate the town’s strategic planning for development.

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DeForest aims to lead communities in Dane County and Wisconsin, striking a balance between growth and tranquility. As it progresses, it remains committed to preserving its peaceful charm, demonstrating to other towns that progress and tranquility can coexist harmoniously.

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