Harris endorses small businesses and green economy in Detroit

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"Detroit Green Economy"

During a recent visit to Detroit, Vice President Kamala Harris endorsed the Biden administration’s focus on supporting small businesses, particularly those owned by minorities. Harris contrasted this strategy with the previous administration’s inclination towards offering tax breaks to billionaires. She insisted that the key to economic recovery lies in supporting individuals and businesses facing entry barriers.

While in Detroit, Harris emphasized the administration’s initiatives targeting small and medium-sized auto parts manufacturers. The aim is to urge these businesses to modernize their facilities and invest in employee training to facilitate a transition towards electric vehicles. This fits into the greater narrative of promoting a green economy.

The administration also seeks to reassure those employed in traditional auto manufacturing roles. They have conveyed that the shift to electric vehicles will not render them obsolete but instead open up new opportunities. This approach is designed to ensure job security amidst significant changes in the auto industry.

The Biden administration has continuously committed to maintaining an eco-friendly auto industry through proposed transitions to electric vehicles. This shift has been met with criticism and fear of potential job losses.

Harris champions green economy and Detroit businesses

Nevertheless, proponents see a potential for increased jobs in cleaner energy sectors and significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.

Harris announced a $50 million commitment to the Energy Department’s Automotive Conversion Grant program. This is aimed at assisting smaller suppliers in shifting from producing parts for traditional combustion engines to catering to the needs of electric vehicles. The grant contributes to broader climate change and greenhouse gas reduction efforts.

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The Vice President also supported several other economic initiatives, such as increased federal contracts for minority-owned small businesses and efforts to reduce the wealth gap. She reiterated the importance of improving education and job opportunities for veterans, providing better healthcare for senior citizens, and investing in indigenous communities.

Finally, the issue of debt relief was highlighted. Harris announced plans to absolve approximately $700 million in debt owed in Wayne County. Conversely, the Republican State Leadership Committee disapproves of the administration’s advocacy for electric vehicles.

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