Breakup With Your Girlfriend and Get On!

by / ⠀Entrepreneurship Podcast / April 21, 2022
breakup with your girlfriend
Breakup with your girlfriend. This article discusses my story. And, why you should breakup with your girlfriend or boyfriend and get on already! Do you ever wish you had the confidence to do the things you really wish you would? Do you wish you could ever just grow that proverbial set of balls you wish you had? Do you wish you could finally learn to listen to yourself instead of your teachers / friends / parents / government?
As you probably know, I live in the jungle, own a kick-ass travel business, and do whatever the hell I want most of the time… But it wasn’t always that easy!! 
This week I had an AWESOME conversation with Jason Bay from the Gen Y Success Podcast where I cut right through the bullshit and say all the crazy stuff that people NEED to hear.
You should listen if you:

1) Want to disobey your parents FINALLY
2) Dream of surrounding yourself with good people
3) Feel like saying f*ck it and quit your job sometimes
4) Could use a kick in the ass to end a bad relationship
5) Wish you were crazy enough to make major life changes!

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“Success is being able to do things on your terms doing things that you want to do and live a lifestyle that you want to do and do it with the people that you want to”

“Go out and do the things you want to do and not the things that you feel that soceity pressures you or that your parents pressures you or your friends, coworkers or your boss”

“Your body or your brain, just kinda knows what’s good for you if you’ll listen to it”

“I don’t want to be like anybody else”

“What is you and what do you really want out of your life?”

“You will always get noticed by the right people if you do the right thing.”

“You’re on control of your own destiny”

“Having more meaningful discussion even if they hurt”

“Doing honest work for honest pay”


… and remember, normal is the enemy and being fine sucks!

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