Are You Dying to Live or Living to Die?

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My name is Marc Freccero and I am a DJ/Music Producer that goes by the name of Prismic. I am driven by inspiring people to love life and pursue their dreams. Sometimes, this isn’t so easy.

When I hit the “real world,” as they call it, I started at one of the biggest Accounting and Consulting firms in the world. At that very moment, I felt a giant pull in two different directions – should I continue with a “real job” or risk it all by chasing my dreams? Determined to lead by example, I decided to do both.

This lead me to literally work non-stop: Accounting during the day, Music Production at night. I would routinely get 3-4 hours of sleep a night and pushed myself to stay awake as long as possible. In order to make up for lost sleep and still be cognitively functional at the office, I would go to the bathroom 2-3 times a day and take quick 5-10 minute micro-naps in the stalls (I still have no idea what my coworkers thought I was doing). Every morning and night, I would visualize what I wanted my life to be like and constantly repeated affirmations.

“Don’t take life too seriously – none of us are getting out alive anyway.”

After two months at the Accounting firm, I realized no more time can be wasted and quit to fully chase my dreams. As you can imagine, I received numerous negative responses about leaving – but it didn’t matter. In life, you always need to ask yourself: When I am lying on my deathbed, minutes from the end, am I going to look back and be happy about the way I lived?

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Boston is one of the most expensive cities in the country – and that posed a huge problem. I was locked into a year lease and had bills to pay – $1200/month to be exact. I can honestly say that the months that followed were the hardest of my entire life thus far. There was no time for breaks – every single morning I would hustle to stay on the path of success and not get discouraged.

No money was ever saved and I broke even every single month.

This meant that sometimes I would literally go days without eating while still getting little sleep. I would drink coffee to trick my body into thinking its full and meditate constantly to keep my vision alive. I found ways to re-program my body to take in less food and operate at maximum efficiency on little sleep and would routinely learn new body/mind hacks to stay on my path. Although I woke up every morning not knowing how I was going to pay the next bill, I had a sense of confidence that it would all work out – and in the end, it somehow always did.

The destination is always is the journey itself, but you have to make the journey to understand why it’s the destination – Nirvana is simply the journey to reach Nirvana.

While on my journey, I did the most random jobs you could think of. This included real estate, taxes, promoting, yoga modeling, focus group surveys, web site testing, blogging, psychological studies, DJing, modeling for hand lotion as a butterfly (interesting story) and business development to just name a few. Throughout this journey I’ve learned the most bizarre and efficient ways to find jobs and make money. Even though I’ve gone through some of the worst experiences of my life, I can honestly say they are the best as well.

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At the end of the day, you just have to ask yourself – are you dying to live or living to die? I ask myself that question everyday, and it keeps me going through any problems I’m having. If you don’t enjoy the journey of trying to reach the light at the end of the tunnel then you’ll never reach it.

My name is Marc Freccero, and I love life and inspire other people to do the same.  

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