ECB plans cuts amid inflation concerns, Fitch warns on debts

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"Inflation Concerns"

A portfolio manager’s primary role is to mitigate financial risks and ensure a fluid investment experience for clients. Strategies and techniques are applied to navigate the financial landscape while meeting client needs and managing risk. The manager confidently assures the safety and prosperity of client investments, regardless of market conditions.

A March 2024 study indicated a 0.2% rise in the consumer price index (CPI), slowing from a 0.9% rise in February. Economists suggest potential volatility due to global economic influences such as geopolitical tensions and supply chain disruptions. Consumers also voice concerns over living costs.

Stournaras, the European Central Bank (ECB) governor, voiced concerns that inflation would fall below the 2% target. To maintain economic stability, the ECB plans four rate cuts this year. These measures, alongside close monitoring and flexibility, are crucial for achieving monetary policy goals.

Real gross domestic product (GDP) increased slightly by 0.1% in February 2024, following a 0.3% rise in January.

Portfolio management amid ECB’s inflation strategy

These projections reflect the economy’s financial health and suggest favorable future investment conditions. It is important to note that these figures are subject to change.

Fitch Ratings expressed concern over potential debt risks in the US and China – the world’s largest economies. Portfolio managers and investors are urged to be vigilant of these potential risks. The firm highlighted the possible global economic repercussions of these economies’ growing debts.

Inflation and GDP growth forecasts suggest steadiness across all timeframes. Projections predict a 2.0% inflation rate for 2028, along with stable real GDP growth. This shows a promising and resilient long-term economic outlook.

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The International Energy Agency (IEA) forecasts global oil output to reach a record 104.5M BPD by 2025, despite slowing demand due to COVID-19 recovery and an increased use of electric vehicles. Non-OPEC+ oil output is projected to rise by 1.6M BPD in 2024. These global oil production and consumption shifts pose significant implications for the energy landscape.

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