Electrifying Opportunities in EV Infrastructure

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Electrifying EV Infrastructure

While Wall Street keeps a close eye on electric vehicle (EV) manufacturers’ stocks, such as Tesla, experts in the sector have pointed out several other significant players in the EV industry. Both Craig Irwin, ROTH Capital Partners’ Senior Research Analyst, and Ronald Jewsikow, Guggenheim Securities’ Vice President of Automotive Equity Research, shared their favored choices in recent talks.

Introduction to the Electric Vehicle Industry

Among their top picks are companies focusing on various aspects of the EV supply chain and infrastructure, as they believe these lesser-known firms have immense growth potential. Irwin and Jewsikow emphasize that investing in these companies can provide a diversified approach to capitalizing on the overall expansion of the electric vehicle market.

The Growth of Charging Infrastructure

One notable company is EVgo, a provider of charging networks. Irwin mentioned that over the past few years, the charging rates on their networks have risen from 5% to 10% of total miles driven. He further stated, “I think the investment in infrastructure is the right thing to do because it drives jobs in America.” This growth in charging infrastructure not only supports the increasing number of electric vehicles on the road, but also contributes to the overall sustainability and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. By expanding the accessibility of charging stations, EVgo is working towards a cleaner future and creating new job opportunities in the renewable energy sector.

What Sets EVgo Apart

EVgo’s innovative approach to charging solutions has not only made them a popular choice among EV owners but has also established them as a leader in the EV charging industry. The company’s primary focus on fast charging enables it to cater to the needs of a larger audience and support a wide range of electric vehicle models. Furthermore, EVgo’s continual investment in expanding its charging network across the United States ensures that EV owners have access to reliable charging options wherever they may be.

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Partnerships and Collaborations

EVgo’s strategic partnerships and collaborations have played an essential role in solidifying its position in the industry. For example, the company’s partnership with General Motors aims to significantly expand the United States’ fast-charging network, thus boosting the adoption of electric vehicles nationwide. Additionally, EVgo’s alliances with other major players in the industry, such as Uber, Lyft, and Nissan, have enabled it to cater to a wide range of customers and promote the use of clean energy across different sectors.

Focus on Supplier Relationships in the EV Industry

Jewsikow emphasized the significance of tier 1 suppliers for EVs and highlighted Aptiv as a solid competitor. The firm focuses on producing electrical architecture, such as connectors, wiring, and other essential vehicle components. They have business with almost every electric vehicle manufacturer in the world, that includes Tesla among others,” Jewsikow noted. In addition to their strong relationships with major EV manufacturers, Aptiv’s diverse product portfolio sets them apart from other suppliers in the industry. The company’s commitment to innovation and production of high-quality electrical components has gained the trust of key players in the electric vehicle market, further solidifying their position as a leading supplier.

Aptiv’s Expertise in Electrical Architecture

Aptiv’s vast experience in electrical architecture is a crucial factor in its success in the EV market. As electric vehicles continue to evolve and demand greater levels of advanced technology, the need for reliable and efficient electrical systems becomes paramount. Aptiv’s ability to develop innovative solutions that cater to these needs enables it to support the growth and progress of the electric vehicle sector.

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Research and Development Efforts

Aptiv’s dedication to research and development further enforces its position as a leading tier 1 supplier. Through its significant investments in R&D, the company has been able to design and manufacture cutting-edge solutions that are integral to the success of electric vehicles. Aptiv’s ability to anticipate market trends and adapt its product offerings accordingly has helped it maintain a strong presence in the evolving EV landscape.

Joint Ventures and Strategic Acquisitions

Aptiv’s strategy to strengthen its position in the EV market also includes strategic joint ventures and acquisitions. For instance, the company’s joint venture with the South Korean firm, Mando, has enabled it to expand its presence in the growing Asian EV market. Additionally, Aptiv’s recent acquisition of KUM, a leading manufacturer of automotive connectors, demonstrates its commitment to consolidating its standing as a top supplier in the EV industry.


In conclusion, the electric vehicle market’s expansion presents opportune investment prospects beyond the well-known EV manufacturers’ stocks. Companies like EVgo and Aptiv are key players in the less-publicized aspects of the EV industry, focusing on charging infrastructure and tier 1 supplier relationships, respectively. By investing in these companies, investors can take a diversified approach to capitalizing on the electric vehicle market’s rapid growth while contributing to a cleaner and more sustainable future.


What are some lesser-known investment opportunities in the electric vehicle market?

Some lesser-known investment opportunities in the electric vehicle market include companies focusing on charging infrastructure, such as EVgo, and tier 1 suppliers like Aptiv.

Why is the growth of charging infrastructure important?

The growth of charging infrastructure is crucial for supporting the increasing number of electric vehicles on the road and contributes to overall sustainability and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

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What sets EVgo apart in the charging infrastructure industry?

EVgo’s focus on fast charging, continual investment in expanding its charging network, and partnerships with major players in the industry make it a leader in the EV charging market.

Why are tier 1 suppliers essential in the electric vehicle market?

Tier 1 suppliers produce essential components like electrical architecture, connectors, and wiring for electric vehicles. Strong relationships with major EV manufacturers and diverse product portfolios make tier 1 suppliers crucial in the industry.

What makes Aptiv a solid competitor in the EV supplier market?

Aptiv’s vast experience in electrical architecture, dedication to research and development, and strategic joint ventures and acquisitions make it a strong competitor in the electric vehicle supplier market.

How can investors capitalize on the electric vehicle market beyond well-known manufacturers’ stocks?

Investors can capitalize on the electric vehicle market by taking a diversified approach, investing in companies like EVgo and Aptiv, focusing on charging infrastructure and tier 1 supplier relationships respectively.

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