Timeless Trends: Evergreen Startup Industries You May Want To Try

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Anyone looking to make their mark in the startup world or looking for business ideas that are going to allow them to scale is a deft balancing act. One of the biggest questions anybody needs to ask themselves is what type of industry would be best? There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, but the best place to begin is by looking at evergreen startup industries, in other words, timeless. Here are some of these industries where you could try to make your mark.

Real Estate

Real estate is an incredibly profitable industry, not least in recent years, with the demand for homes increasing based on people working from home. People have been looking for properties to help them realize their dream of working from home and living a more balanced life.

You may find it a difficult industry to break into, especially in relation to the multitude of qualifications you may need, as well as the networking side of things. But you only have to look at the sheer volume of commercial real estate events available to see there is an abundance of networking opportunities.


Naturally, food is always going to be in demand. Food is considered one of the safest industries for investment because it covers a wide variety of approaches. When you look at the process food goes through, from the agricultural components all the way to the packaging, there is a wide variety of businesses available.

For example, you could specifically look at food packaging as a business opportunity. Once you start to think about what food packaging entails, not least in relation to the focus on sustainability, you could position yourself in the market as one of the most prominent businesses that provide packaging for food, while also operating with that sustainable mindset.

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Health covers a diverse range of opportunities for an evergreen startup. Healthcare, food and drink, health and fitness, and even new-age methods all fall under the health umbrella. With a new year upon us, this is the time when we see more people signing up for gym memberships than ever. For those who are looking to capitalize on this, a personal training business can be an invaluable approach. But similar to real estate, it may require an abundance of qualifications to position yourself appropriately.

Many people look to keep fit by themselves. With the vast amount of apps available, if you are hoping to make the most of an industry where people are not just dedicated to getting fit and healthy, there are so many personal trainers and health and fitness enthusiasts that only cover one small section of the market. They’re also using so much misinformation to form a business. So, you can cut through the noise by providing a no-nonsense approach to fitness. Fitness is not just about getting strong, muscle building is hypertrophy, building endurance, aerobic capacity, and the list goes on.


Cleaning is an industry that will always be in demand, especially amongst audiences with more money. It’s also one of the best businesses you can get up and running for cheap. People are too busy to clean their homes, and this means you can corner the market by providing flexible and trustworthy services.

It’s also a business that you can start just by yourself. Getting the right cleaning equipment and a good working schedule means that you can help people by providing services to make their lives that bit easier.

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Website Design

Website design is an area that will always be in demand, and hence, an evergreen startup industry. You only have to look at the sheer amount of website design tools available online to see that if you want to provide services to all types of organizations, a website is the essential component to help people promote and market their services, and being creative in this sector can help keep you in demand.

However, it’s important to remember that website design also means you are competing with marketing agencies. That’s not to say you cannot carve out a space for yourself. But, it’s about being aware that big-named advertising agencies and even small-scale companies that provide freelance website design services are already in existence. What can you do to differentiate yourself from the competition?


Everybody will always want to look great. The beauty industry covers a wide range of disciplines. You can think creatively here, not just about setting up hairdressers, nail salons, and so forth. But you can also be a supplier of equipment to these types of businesses.

You may also want to look at the difficulties this industry experiences. For example, finding talent right off the bat is tough because hairdressers and beauty specialists have to acquire the relevant qualifications. Therefore, you could provide a teaching service, or help young talent to come through this industry. This takes us neatly to the last industry…


The global tutoring market is projected to hit $201.8 billion by 2026 and as there’s a greater demand for home tutors, children being homeschooled, and the fact that many kids are playing catch up as a result of the pandemic, there’s a perfect storm for tutors. There’s a wide variety of methods to help a business achieve a wider market. However, it is critical to recognize that it’s about specializing in one subject. This is especially true if you are starting out by yourself.

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Many businesses utilize teaching as a foreign language. This is a very blanket-based approach to business. But, because children are having to build up their skills as a result of losing so many education hours, you can make the most of this. Tutoring businesses are also financially sound models, especially if tutors can teach online.

The sheer volume of evergreen startup industries out there can provide more questions than answers. Plus, you may think that some of these are key to setting up the business that will bring you profit. But before you start raising money, you have to remember how passionate you are about the industry in question, because this will help keep you going, especially during the difficult startup phase. It won’t happen overnight, but with the right level of dedication, you can make a big impact.

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