How To Keep Your Employees Happy In 2023

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keep you employees happy

Running a business is not without its challenges, especially when it comes to building and maintaining a talented workforce. In fact, between the great resignation. and quiet quitting; it’s no surprise that the majority of business owners listed recruitment as their #1 struggle in 2022. However, the solution to any retention issues remains – at its core – within employee satisfaction aka keeping employees happy.

As such, you should invest an equal amount of time into understanding why employees stay – as you do figuring out why they leave. Again, the biggest reason why employees will remain in a position or within a company for years on end is due to the fact that they are happy. They enjoy their work, have good relationships with their colleagues, and feel as though they’re given plenty of opportunities for growth and development.

keep you employees happy

With that in mind, here are some top tips that you can use to keep your employees happy in 2023!

Upgrade your rewards scheme.

Many companies develop a rewards scheme in order to motivate their employees and encourage them to reach certain goals. However, by working with companies such as Motivosity to create a reward and recognition scheme, you can improve the employee experience tenfold. This is because it gives you the chance to send out praise and recognition more frequently – which is sure to bring a smile to your employees’ faces.

The more you reward your employees for their hard work and determination,  the easier it will be to manage employee retention as you are not giving them a reason to seek validation elsewhere. It could also mean you receive more applications whenever a vacancy does crop up!

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Encourage growth and development. 

Providing your employees with opportunities for both personal and professional growth and development is a great way to keep your workforce happy. This is because it shows that you are just as invested in their success individually as you are in the success of the company. Furthermore, advanced training benefits both the employer and the employee – as they gain valuable skills and bolster their resume.

Remember, there are many different forms of development you may want to signpost your team toward. For example, you may want to sign senior members of staff up for management courses, or simply promote a growth mindset throughout your workplace to help your team develop a more positive approach to work and daily challenges. You should also ask employees about their long-term goals, and the steps you could take to facilitate their growth.

Speak to your team. 

While you may be a great manager, you aren’t a mind reader. This means that it’s impossible to know how your employees are really feeling without asking directly. Speaking candidly to your team and asking for feedback on what you can do better is one of the easiest ways to keep them happy and motivated. Again, this is because it shows your employees that you value them. It also gives you a chance to make meaningful changes moving forward.

While these conversations are perhaps best held during one-on-one meetings with employees, you should also set up some form of anonymous feedback box in your office. This way, employees do not have to wait until their next scheduled meeting to voice a complaint. Plus, issues can be resolved sooner rather than later. This could also encourage them to be a little more honest. Filing an anonymous report means they do not have to worry about facing repercussions.

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Reduce the prevalence of burnout. 

Reducing the prevalence of burnout within the workplace is another great way to keep your employees happy. This is due to the simple fact that burnout not only takes its toll on your employee’s ability to get the job done but also on their overall health and happiness.

One of the easiest ways to combat burnout is to reduce the amount of pressure your employees are under. Do not overburden or overwork them, even if they seem willing to take on more challenges. You should also let them know that it’s okay to speak up if they are feeling overwhelmed – as you are always there to assist or provide them with a solution.

You should also encourage your team to set professional boundaries. For example, if you are not planning on checking your inbox once you’re home from work, they shouldn’t either. Encourage them to truly sign off each evening, and use their free time for their own benefit. This way, whenever they return to work, they will be well-rested and ready to go.

Another way in which you can combat burnout is by letting them know it’s okay to make mistakes. After all, they can sometimes serve as valuable learning opportunities and give you a chance to make meaningful changes.

Be as transparent as possible. 

Many employers fail to see the issues they are facing with employee satisfaction. The issues often are the product of poor internal communication or a lack of transparency. For example, whenever you make a request of an employee, you should let them know why you are asking them to complete that task. This will improve workplace relationships, as “you build trust as a leader when employees don’t have to guess why you made a decision.”

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This commitment to transparency also means you must be willing to admit when you’ve made a mistake. Trying to bury your own mistakes showcases a lack of accountability that will only frustrate your employees. Or it gives them a reason not to trust you. This also means that you can rely on your employees for support during this time. Since they may offer you valuable advice or help you find the perfect solution to your problems.

The more honest you are, the more honest your employees will be. This means that they’re also more likely to voice a complaint with you directly. As such, you will be able to offer solutions to their problems. It means you can hold onto top talent as opposed to turning up one morning to see a letter of resignation on your desk.

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