Fitbit updates app with user-friendly redesign

by / ⠀News / June 20, 2024
"App Redesign"

Fitbit, the well-known health and fitness brand, has revealed a fresh look for its app settings, integrating a Material You redesign. Android users can experience the newly enhanced interface by clicking on the profile picture found in the app’s top-right corner. Diverse settings are now beautifully accompanied by Material You icons, aligning with Google’s modern design aesthetic for Android devices.

In terms of functionality, the redesigned interface now has improved user-friendliness, with individual settings more visible and easily accessible. The addition of Material You icons have made the settings not only visually appealing but also simpler to identify. Consequently, navigating within the Fitbit app has become a much-improved user experience.

The updated settings offer a direct route to the Subscriptions page on the Play Store.

Enhanced user experience in Fitbit app redesign

Several previously dispersed settings have been consolidated into a single “App settings” section, for ultimate convenience. This change results in enhanced user engagement and a more streamlined experience.

The aesthetics of the interface have been elevated with Material 3 switches, creating a cohesive, user-friendly layout. Additional enhancements include revamped navigation bars and settings pages. The color palette has undergone a subtle improvement, resulting in a less jarring, more soothing appearance.

Although the ‘Preferences’ section has remained largely unchanged, the introduction of a ‘Mindfulness’ category signifies Fitbit’s commitment to combating stress and promoting mental wellbeing. This new category supplements pre-existing ones such as ‘Stress management’, ‘Nutrition & weight’, and ‘Heart rate’ by providing resources specifically tailored to promote mental wellness.

In the reimagined settings, linked buttons such as ‘Your data in Fitbit’ and ‘Help’ are placed conveniently, along with a log-out button at the bottom of the page. While there are critics desiring a redesign for statistical pages, the recently updated settings are testament to Fitbit’s dedication in refining user experience.

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This evolution in design, while being aesthetically pleasing, also ensures improved functionality and user navigation. Fitbit remains at the forefront of understanding and meeting user needs, setting the stage for potential larger-scale modifications in the future.

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