Four Freelance Positions and How Much You Can Earn in 2022

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Many professionals throughout the world have the dream of being a freelancer. Having the time to control the work you do and whenever you get it sounds like a dream come true. Who doesn’t want to be their own boss? If you have considered or are thinking about it, keep reading to find out about positions and freelance earnings in 2022.

One thing about being a freelancer is that there is always a job that needs doing and if you are a freelancer full time then you have a different take on work. For one, you have a lot of different jobs you will be working under a lot of different people.

What is a Freelance Job?

But before we dig into the world of freelancing, let’s ask the important question: What is a freelance job? The easiest way to define a freelance job is that it is contracted self-employment where the individual freelancer usually has a contract with a company or third-party company. The freelancer then usually operates at their leisure allowing them to pick and choose when and how they handle their tasks.

Some freelance jobs are either pay per piece or pay per job. These contracts also tend to be short-term, but there are some that have longer agreements with a company.

There are pros and cons as a freelancer. You do have complete control over your career and where it is going to go. You set hours, rates, and when you will work. As long as it meets the deadlines and expectations, the rest is in your hands.

However, the world of freelancers can be difficult. For one, it is an unstable market. So you constantly have to look for new gigs to keep your income rolling in. You also have more complications when it comes to income taxes. Instead, you have to send in money to the IRS in the form of quarterly payments. But, you also likely qualify for a deductible that normal employees don’t get.

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Four Freelance Jobs of 2022

Freelance jobs vary in terms of career fields. Whatever career you are in, chances are there might be a freelance gig for it. Below are four of the best jobs and freelance earnings inĀ  2022.

Web Developer

Many companies and people across the globe usually don’t need constant support for their websites. So, these individuals and these companies will turn to freelancers. These freelancers then will revamp the page, handle maintenance, or even add a feature.

To become a web developer, one needs a computer with an internet connection and the correct software that does the job. Besides that, you should be well-versed in web design. A good way to do this is to major in computers and similar fields in college or see if the local community college has any classes on it.

A freelance web developer is one of the few freelance jobs that tend to make some serious cash. As of this year, earners can make up to $72,208 a year with the best ones often making over the six-figure mark.


When it comes to freelance jobs, writing is one of the best ones. This career can take you in all sorts of directions. There are many ways you can be a freelance writer as you can specialize in copywriting, blogging, technical writing, medical writing, and so many other options. Because of this, writers can find work relating to what their skills are and what interests them.

All it requires for a writer is a good internet connection and a computer. Other than writing skills, that is all you need!

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Regarding payment, a writer’s salary depends on what they write. For example, a normal freelance writer makes about $53,859 a year. Those in copywriting make annually $53,010. And even then, a medical writer can make up to $78,912.

Social Media Manager

Since the creation of social media, its utilization has become a powerful form of communication and entertainment for the entire world. Many companies have come to use social media as a great way to advertise and interact with their customer base. Enter the social media manager. These workers do not need to be full-time every day, but they have the responsibility of handling a company’s social media profile, creating posts, answering questions, and other related tasks.

A freelance social media manager can do this without a college degree and make about $50,834 a year.

Software Engineer

Like a web developer, a software engineer is a good freelance gig and can give you many clients to work with. A software engineer is someone who can create a desktop, web, or mobile application when it is needed.

Most get their skills from college or even a boot camp. But, the software engineer is one of the best freelance jobs. Those with the right skills and good work can rake in $119,260 a year.


After reviewing four positions and freelance earnings in 2022, think about becoming your own boss and striking out on your own! Most freelancers never want to go back to having a boss.

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