5 Signs You Will Get the Job After the Interview

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signs you will get the job after interview

The job interview. Nobody likes them, but they are the only way to know if someone is right for the job. But, what is there to like about job interviews? The questions? Worried about what to wear? Being on time and not running late? Did you even get the job? There are so many worries before, during, and even after the job interview. What are the signs you will get the job after the interview?

This is the best part. You did it! Now you just have to wait for them to get back to you. However, while you are relieved to be done with the interview process, now comes the part where you see if you even get the job. Yet, how do you know if you got the job? You may have given all the right answers, but you still might not get it because of some obscure technicality.

Have no fear! There are some tell-tale signs that basically guarantee you the job position. So, let’s take a look at five signs that you will get the job after the interview.

The Interviewer Show Signs of Positive Action

Body language is a way you can tell how someone is feeling. Even in formal settings like a business, there are ways to notice it. A person who is actively listening to you will be receptive, they look like they are paying attention, nod when in agreement with your statement, and smile. Easy ways to show that they are not interested are their general attitude, little eye contact, and even not listening to you.

Nonverbal cues can be difficult to pick up on. Especially if it is a phone interview. So pay attention to what the interviewer is doing while they talk to you. Do they repeat some of your talking points? Or do they ask any follow-up questions about something you said?

Asking for Availability

A sure sign that you got the job is when you are at the interview. When an interviewer asks about your availability and when the earliest you can start is when they are likely considering you. Jobs won’t ask someone when they are ready to start the job if they thought they were not right for the role. That’s just common sense!

At Fireflies.ai, they reveal that interviewers typically give out the availability question when they have decided if the person is right for the job position. There is no problem with showing your enthusiasm for the job, but you want to give yourself the proper time to switch between jobs. When presented with the question, give them a realistic and honest answer.

The Asking of Follow-Up Questions

Most interviews should be coming in with a list of questions they would like to ask the interviewee. It is a long list or a short list, but you can tell when they start to lose interest when they simply start rattling off the questions, checking them one by one.

To know if you got the job offer, the interviewer may dig deeper into some of the answers you have given. This gives them a wider range of information about you and to see if you are a right fit for the job.

The Interviewer Asks about your Interest in the Company

Interviewers may have a moment during the interviewing process when they realize that they have found someone who is a good fit. Therefore, they want to examine the possibility of bringing them into the fold. At the interview, pays attention to questions that ask about your interest in the business.

The reason they ask that is to know how close you are to the visions, goals, and values of the company. This shows their interest in working with you and your interest in them can be a large determining factor.

A Quick Response After the Interview

A good way to end the interviewing process is to give the job a quick and short thank you a follow-up email. Should you get a reply, that usually indicates that the interview went in your favor. This can also mean that the interviewer is maintaining a relationship with you by having communications open.


Above are five good ways to notice that you are going to get the job after the interview. While you may not have seen these before, they do work and there are other signs that work as well. You just have to pay close attention to the interviewing process.

A job interview process can take up to nearly a month in the United States. So you don’t want to celebrate right away! Instead, keep your eye out for a follow-up email or phone call that you have gotten the job.

Until then, you can go on with your life or apply to more jobs, that way you can pick up more interview skills along the way!

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