The 8 Best Leadership Sites on the Internet

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Every company wants effective leaders and, in an increasingly remote working world, leadership skills are being found and developed online.

Excellent leadership is something that everyone in the marketplace is looking for and rewards.

Employees want to thrive as leaders in their company. However, in a world where most workplaces are going remote, there are fewer in-person conferences and workshops to build up these skills.

The solution to learning how to lead in a remote world is to learn how to lead remotely. Consequently, here are the best websites for leaders and those who want to build upon those skillsets.

1. LinkedIn

Of all the leadership sites available, LinkedIn is usually most known for and used as a website for networking. As a result, the most active people on it are looking for their next job.

However, industry leaders, recruiters, and businesses publish amazing articles about what is happening in their industries. These leaders will even write articles about what they are learning in their careers and leadership lessons from their day-to-day lives.

Additionally, networking can also give the opportunity for you to interact with industry leaders. You can ask them questions to learn in a way most applicable to you. As a result, this will help you build connections to later leverage when you are ready for the next career shift or vertical move.

Networking may even become the most useful leadership skill you can find in the remote age of working. What better website to be on than one where you can learn how to lead while simultaneously building a leadership tribe?

2. TED

TED talks are mid-sized videos. You can dive deeper into a variety of topics that matter today. Many of them are leadership and psychology-focused.

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Being able to better understand yourself, your colleagues, and the issues that are facing the world today can give you a better idea of what you’re up against as a leader. Having an understanding of people and opening yourself up to new paradigms can be crucial in growing as a leader.

Leadership is not always just about what is going on in your field — but even how to better understand the needs of your employees. Further, many people are audible learners, so the information itself is even in one of the most easily digestible formats, making it one of the better leadership sites you’ll find.

3. N2Growth’s Blog

Ranked highly by Forbes magazine, the topics written about and stories shared on N2Growth’s blog are both informative and charismatic.

The site uses a mixture of YouTube interviews and short blog posts to be informative. Their materials cut straight through to being able to relate to experiences that actually go on within a business.

Further, the information can be related to almost any field, while also helping people branch outside of their own industries, a unique feature distinguishing it from other leadership sites.

4. GreatLeadership

This website is great for leaders in any industry. It’s one of those sites that’s specifically curated toward coaching and educating about different leadership styles.

They are organized to help you find different topics that you are looking for in their catalog.

This is incredible for diving deeper into learning how to be a leader beyond. It uncovers what’s trendy or being pushed what a website’s most recent article is, while also giving the option to find what’s trendy and recent.

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If someone is looking to build an actionable plan for leading in their workplace, this may be the best place to go in terms of building your own individual leadership style.

5. Dan Pink

On his website, best-selling author Dan Pink has a plethora of different resources from books to podcasts.

All of these resources are focused on building better employees. However, our favorite of his is the comic-like visuals from his books that he shares online. They make learning leadership principles more enjoyable. They are creative in a way other leadership sites lack.

6. Leadership Freak

Priding himself on keeping his articles at 300 words or less, Dan Rockwell keeps insight short and sweet on his website.

This lets professional leaders be able to have more time to do and less time spent at a desk reading articles they may likely forget in a month’s time.

7. Leadership IQ

While not the most visually intriguing with pictures and catchy titles, this website has a variety of subjects that are important for managers and professionals consistently working with people on a daily basis.

The website has helpful information and organizes it well by topic in the right-hand column of the page. They have fun quizzes and articles that can catch your eye in unconventional ways, such as articles written by the page’s owner Mark Murphy such as People Who Set SMART Goals Are Less Likely To Love Their Job.

This website is definitely a must-visit when looking to read something a bit different than your typical website.

8. Penelope Trunk

Penelope takes a more personal approach to leadership building.

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She does this through articles that are written from her own life and experiences as a successful woman in business.

Her website is a great leadership resource for those who are going through it. It feeds those wanting to learn how to thrive as leaders in spite of hardship and obstacles that may stand in your way.

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