Learning How to Create a Cold Email: Tips to Get Conversions

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Cold email marketing may seem like a waste of time. These emails tend to get a bad rap for their often misspelled content that much of the time contains spam. However, it is in fact still one of the best ways to entice customers to your business.

What is Cold Emailing?

To clarify, cold emails are like cold calls. As in, you reach out to a lead and hope that their interest peaks in your product/services. The thing is that these customers receiving these cold emails probably have never heard of you or your company. So that brings us to the next question. How did they get your email address?

Email addresses can be public. It is very possible that they saw your email address somewhere online.

Other times, cold emails are not just to bring in customers. For instance, if you want to work for a famous influencer, you could email them and say in that in the very first email. This is also cold emailing.

The fun thing about cold emailing is that it is miles better than cold calling. At least, they won’t yell or hang up on you. It is an important tool to a business, even if seems annoying. As an example, cold emailing is actually good for network building. Sending out that mass email to hundreds or even thousands of people that contains info about you and your business is one way to get new blood into the company, or find new business partners and showcasing what products and services are available.

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Is this Spam?

You are probably still skeptical about cold emailing because it sounds like spam. The good news is, cold emailing and spam are two very different things. When someone sends spam, it’s easier to tell because it is sent to random people with very little research done. For example, if you are a chef, it wouldn’t make any sense for the email sender to send you emails about mechanics. Therefore, it’s a waste of time and effort.

Cold emailing requires the sales process. The first step is prospecting. Prospecting is when the salesperson identify a list of individuals who seem like they would be interested in whatever product or service you are offering. Therefore, it makes sense that potential customers would be more receptive to the hundreds of cold emails that are sent out every day compared to the thousands of spam emails that get filtered out.

So now, let’s focus on tips that will make your cold email marketing campaign the talk of the town!

Personalize the Email

Online has many templates to be used for such thing. That’s great because it makes your job much easier. The only issue is that it is very generic and those who do read the email will get the feeling of it being copy and pasted onto everything. It lets the customer know that no genuine thought went behind the email. Instead, personalize it so it draws them in. This doesn’t mean to personalize every single detail, but making it personal through the details will attract more potential customers to you. It may seem like it will take more time and effort, but the rewards will be worth it!

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Importance of the Subject Line

You may not know this, but 35% of recipients will open up their email just because of the subject line. The content of the subject line is the most important part of cold email marketing. Many of us receive over 100 emails a day. Most of those will not get read and if the recipient doesn’t know who you are and the subject line is not eye-catching, then they will skip the email.

How is this prevented?

The problem is that there is no formula to make the subject line guarantee a customer. Therefore, you will experiment, experiment, experiment until you find the right concoction of words that will entice your potential customers.

An email subject line should be between 20-50 characters. Anything over the limit most likely identifies as spam by your email account and sends it to your spam filter.

Don’t use multiple punctuation marks like “??????” or “!!!!!!” that can trigger the spam alert of your email. There is nothing wrong about having questions or punctuation in your emails, but one is enough.

Also, try not to use the caps key too much. That can also trigger the spam alert. If you really want to use caps, emphasize just a few words, not everything. It looks ugly and will not get you any customers.


Cold emailing is a great marketing tool that can expand your customer base and your business network. It is a much easier task than cold calling. Luckily, with some of these tips, you will become a master at cold emailing!

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