Post-Pandemic Interview Questions and How to Answer Them

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People are pretty surprised to be asked many pandemic-related questions in their interviews. Here's how you can prepare for them.

The pandemic impacted the entire world, and we continue coming to terms with all the changes. Most of us are still processing everything that happened over the past few years. Naturally, COVID-19 will remain a topic of conversation for a long time. This includes post-pandemic interview questions too.

Many people weren’t ready for these questions initially and therefore struggled to come up with the right answers. If you are one of the job-seekers preparing for your next big interview, you have to keep this in mind. Inevitably, you will be expected to answer some pandemic-related questions.

Pandemic Interview Questions to Prepared For

We get it! You want to forget the whole ordeal. So does everyone else! But the pandemic wasn’t something we could leave behind. The coronavirus has changed things drastically for everyone. And no one really escaped from it, even those few lucky ones who did not contract the virus.

So you can’t expect hiring managers and employers to not talk about it during the interview. Let’s give you a brief idea of what to expect.

How is Life Post Quarantine?

This is among the most popular post-pandemic interview questions. But keep in mind, the employer really does not want to know how you are adjusting to this new normal in detail. You have to keep your answer general with positivity. You can acknowledge the struggles you faced, but make sure you don’t come across as whiny.

Your response should contain your hope for a better future. Make it clear that you are elated that things are finally falling into place. Again, you don’t have to go into excessive details. Answer vaguely. And don’t talk too much about the extracurricular activities you indulged in during the period.

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Have Your Career Goals Changed During The Pandemic?

The pandemic undoubtedly made people more introspective about what they want to do in life. But you don’t want the hiring manager to know the exact reason you are applying for the job. Your response to this question should be according to the position you are applying for.

Connect your career goal with the position you are interviewing for. If you have taken a career change, link it to this position and let the hiring manager know why you feel this job will be perfect for your next step.

You don’t have to be dramatic. Don’t go over the top. Keep it to the point and simply mention why you feel this job will help you develop your professional skills and how you could help them as well.

What’s Your Opinion on Remote Working?

This is perhaps the trickiest pandemic-related interview question. The hiring manager basically wants to know how you dealt with this unexpected change and if you’d be open to it in the future.

Companies like to hire people willing to adapt to the changing trend. If your response makes them feel like you had a tough time getting accustomed to remote working, you might not get past the interview stage.

This is the time when you let your employer know that you aren’t someone who shies away from taking a challenge. You have to let them know that you can navigate through an unexpected situation.

So, share how you set up a home office for yourself for remote working. Explain how you worked on your virtual communication skills and eliminated distractions as you worked from home. Share anecdotes during the interview that make it clear that you managed to deal with this situation perfectly despite the many challenges you faced along the way.

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What Has the Pandemic Taught You?

It might appear that this interview question is expecting you to unleash your philosophical side. But the interviewer isn’t really interested to know how your perspective on life changed post the pandemic. He merely wants to ensure that you are someone who learns even from difficult situations.

Employers prefer people on their team who have a knack for coming up with unique solutions and can emerge from a bad situation shining brightly.

How Did You Deal With the Pandemic-Related Stress?

Everyone knows that the pandemic was hard on mental health. When asked this question in the interview, the hiring manager basically wants to know how you react when faced with a challenge.

Explain how though it took you some time to get accustomed to the new norm, yet you eventually found your rhythm. Talk about how you managed to strike a work-life balance while working remotely.  Don’t forget to include how you managed to keep stress at bay!

How Does It Feel Returning to Work in Person?

This is one question you will inevitably be asked in your interview. After all, the interviewer wants to know if you are indeed open to working in the office after so long.

Your response should be according to the set up in the office you are applying to. If you apply for an in-person position, make it clear that you want to work in the office with safety protocols implemented.

Be Prepared for a Different Interview

COVID-19 changed the way employers look at prospective candidates. They have discovered the importance of certain skills and traits more than pre-pandemic. Hence, don’t be surprised if they don’t ask the standard interview questions. In fact, at the end of the interview, feel free to ask a few post-pandemic interview questions of your own too.

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