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It’s estimated that over 120 emails are received each day in the average American worker’s inbox. That requires a lot of organization, from choosing which emails to reply to, which to save, and which to delete. And that’s before you even begin composing your own emails and coordinating your email marketing activities.

Gmail offers a lot of great features to help you organize your email, but it’s not perfect. Fortunately, tools like Right Inbox – a free app that you can download to your browser – can fill in some of the gaps left by Gmail. 

Installing Right Inbox

It takes just 30 seconds to download Right Inbox. 

Go to the Right Inbox homepage, and click Add Gmail, then Add to Chrome. 


As soon as you open a new email, you’ll see two lines of features available to you right away: 

New features

In fall 2019, Right Inbox 10 was launched, which added some extra features:

  • Save and access your favorite email signatures. 
  • Store your most effective messages as templates to use later.
  • Set up automated follow-up email sequences. 
  • Sync your Gmail account with your CRM for extra insights. 
  • Bring your message to life with animated visual GIFs. 

You can read more about these features below. 

Key features

Recurring emails 

Plenty of time can be wasted sending similar emails over and over again. Maybe you need to send an “Outfit of the Week” email for your clothing store, or the latest seasonal menu for your restaurant, or even remind your staff to fill in their time sheets each Friday. Whatever it is, Right Inbox can automate the process for you. 

When you open a new email, enter your recipient(s), subject line, and message content, and click the Recurring button at the bottom of the window. Next, you can choose the regularity, day and time, timezone, and start/end date of the recurring email. 

When you’ve finished, the recurring email will be sent automatically from your account to the recipients you’ve specified, at your chosen dates and times. 

Email signatures

Whether you’re a salesperson or a marketing professional, it’s likely you’ll be sending out a variety of different emails. Some will be very formal, perhaps going to recipients you don’t personally know. Others may be warmer and more personable. Either way, it’s likely you’ll be using very different sign-offs and signatures depending on the recipient of your message. 

Right Inbox will let you save a variety of different signatures that you can access when you need them. 

The Signature button can be found at the top of your new email window. Go to Manage Signatures, and begin setting them up. Here, they’ll be stored for you to click on as needed. 

Send later

If your emails tend to be time-sensitive, or if you work across different time zones, it can be useful to compose messages ahead of time and delay sending them. 

Right Inbox allows you to choose the specific time and date you want to send the message. Alternatively, you can choose from a list of preset delay times. 

Once you’ve clicked Send later, your email will be saved in your Send later folder, where it will stay until it’s fired off at the time you’ve identified. 

Email reminders

Right Inbox’s reminder feature is a great option for those who need some extra flexibility in how they manage their inbox. It allows you to set reminders about email conversations at times that suit you, so that important follow-ups don’t slip through the net. 

Choose from either preset times or customize your own reminder times – whatever works best for your schedule. 

Email notes

Similar to email reminders, Right Inbox lets you add notes to your emails. Only you will see these notes, and they don’t clutter your email content. 


All sales and marketing professionals know that some email messages work and some don’t. The trick is to determine which ones are most effective, and reuse them again. 

Thankfully, Right Inbox lets you save template emails with their subject lines so you can access them at the click of a button. 

At the top of your new email window, click the Template button and then Manage templates. Now add various templates and save them so that they’re stored for the next time you need them. 

Email sequences

Most people rely on email marketing tools to set up email sequences, since Gmail doesn’t offer this feature. However, Right Inbox lets you set up sequences within your email so you don’t have to sign up to a new tool. 

The email sequence feature allows you to set up multiple stages to your sequence. When you write your message, you can choose the rules that define the sequence. Then, your email will be triggered unless a reply to the original message is received. 

CRM integrations

Right inbox offers integrations with most of the major CRMs so that you can gain added insights from your email marketing. 

At the bottom of the new message window is the CRM button, where you’ll be taken to a list of CRMs to choose from. 

Embedding GIFs

GIFs are a popular way of livening up standard email content. Right Inbox has integrated with Giphy to let users browse its library so GIFs can be inserted directly into messages, or saved in your favorites for later. 

In summary

Right Inbox offers a very flexible pricing model. The basic plan offers you an abundance of features at no cost, although they come with monthly caps. 

Alternatively, the unlimited plan at $7.95 per month (discounted by 25% if you sign up for a year) unlocks more advanced features. There’s also a Team plan at $6.95 per month with a discount of $1 per user.

While Right Inbox is still developing and broadening its offerings, it proves an extremely helpful addition to Gmail, which lacks a lot of functionality for seasoned email marketers.


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