Frictionless eCommerce: Why Its Important

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frictionless e-commerce

E-commerce has had such a huge impact on our lives. First, we had it on the television channels that sold all sorts of antiquities and then the Internet was born. Then, sites like eBay appeared and soon enough, anyone could be selling things online.

Over the years it has created massive profits, especially for big corporations like Amazon. But, like in reality with the economy, eCommerce also has its own rules and guidelines. It’s important to know what sort of things go on in the websites. You want to be able to navigate these sites otherwise, you may get confused. One thing that you need to know about is frictionless eCommerce.

Now, if you don’t know what that is, no worries! The article you are reading is about what frictionless eCommerce is and why it is important. With that being said, let’s get started!

What Is Frictionless eCommerce?

In eCommerce, frictionless shopping, as it is called, refers to when customers can browse and shop without having so many obstacles in the way.

What is great about frictionless eCommerce is that it builds upon the product or service it is trying to sell. According to a survey, only 46% of consumers said they prefer to pay more in order to have a welcoming and cheerful experience while 55% said they would rather have their service be quick and easy.

Because of the latest in tech, it has become more and more profitable to make it easier for customers to buy so that they don’t have to go through any unnecessary barriers.

Why Is It Important?

You may wonder why this is so important. For starters, it is quite simple that most people don’t like getting out of their homes and having to go to the store to get something. It’s a whole lot easier to do everyone online. Right away, there is money to be made through that mindset. But, since they are home, they want to do their shopping quickly. Therefore, it makes a lot of sense to give them what they want. A customer should be wanting to go to your website and be happy with the product or service that they choose.

Another reason is that global events have shaken the way we have done things. Just a few years ago, the world entered a scary phase of life where the coronavirus pandemic took over. Many people were out of jobs or switched to remote working. E-commerce, however, boomed because everyone was shopping online because they were staying home.

Now, if you are someone who wants to or is going to be working in eCommerce, understanding frictionless eCommerce is going to be a deciding factor for your career. While the pandemic is still going, but not at the intensity it was prior, online shopping continues to be raking in profits. That time of quarantine should give you the inspiration to make your eCommerce site better than the rest.

What Do You Do?

If and when you are working in the eCommerce business, there are things you are going to need to know. Besides understanding computers and how online works, you also need to make the website a cut above the rest.

Use frictionless eCommerce to help you. Remove the obstacles in the way. Consumers want their things quickly and therefore, it makes sense to make it as easy as possible. By doing this, you are spreading the good word of your business straight from the mouth of your customers.

But, adopting these policies versus actual enforcement can be difficult depending on the size and scope of your business. But, if you have the resources to back it up, consider a few options to make your eCommerce site better. For starters, quick shipping is a need. Just a decade ago, we were getting things 7-10 shipping days from now. Amazon does their shipping in two days. Who would you rather buy from?

Consider these factors that cause friction:

  • Low brand credibility
  • Tedious buying process
  • The website is not user-friendly
  • Too many ads
  • Long waits to get a purchase
  • and more

Find ways to work around these obstacles. It won’t be an overnight success, but it will take time and money to find what works best for your business. Think carefully about this.


Frictionless eCommerce is important, especially in the current day and age that we live in. No one wants to have to deal with confusing websites and long wait times for their order. Instead, make it easier for everyone, that way, you can get more traffic by being quick and easy to use.

But, while it sounds like it’s cutting corners, it’s not. To have a frictionless eCommerce site, you are doing this to make your website easy for customer use and you want to ensure their happiness by making the process as easy as possible. Be smart with your decisions.

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