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Normally when you start a business, it can cost a lot of money. This is especially true depending on what industry you want to get into. But, what if you are an entrepreneur with not a lot of money? Well, luckily, there are businesses, franchises even, that are under $10k.

It may not sound like the grand dream you have, but it can be a stepping stone in the right direction. Below are a variety of the best franchises that are under $10k. With that said, let’s get started!

Social Owl

Social Owl is a type of social media marketing company. This business can provide users with a white-label business system that can help them set you their own company online. Afterward, you are able to sell social media bundles to businesses for revenue. Another plus is that there is no initial franchise fee. However, you can either pay $280 a month or just the annual for $2,000.

Cruise Planners

Cruise Planners is another franchise under $10k. This business is a work-from-home company made up of travel advisors. Cruise Planners gives new employees the training they need to be the best work they can be. The business also hands you a complete software system so you can run your own franchise right from the comfort of your home. Currently, the franchise fee is just $7,000.

Baby Boot Camp

For all new moms out there, Baby Boot Camp is perfect for them. That is because this franchise under $10k is run by a company called Momleta. What this cheap business does is that they provide an outdoor class with stroller fitness. While it depends on how big of a population is in your area, the fee to join is somewhere between $5,000 and $8,000.

Coffee News

You don’t expect that some coffee franchises are under $10k, but they exist! Coffee News is great because it helps build relationships with your local community. Another job that can be done remotely, this business is great for those who seek to be a leader and already have a preexisting relationship with other businesses. While a franchise package depends on location, the fee to join starts right under $10,000.


Jazzercise is a franchise that focuses on dance workouts. What makes them unique is that they actually have two different franchise possibilities for you to choose from. There is the franchise where you are a class owner. That means you are responsible for building costs and on the business side of things. Meanwhile, there is also the instructor franchise where it is of course, where you teach the class. If you want to be an instructor, then the investment is a single payment of $1,250. However, there are a couple of costs that you will be responsible for such as equipment and music rights.


One of the best janitor services in the country, Octoclean is the one you need for all of your needs. This franchise focuses mainly on medical buildings and small businesses. What’s great about this business is that if you join, you get your own area to focus your franchise on and you get to decide the hours and resources you want to have for the company. While it does vary on the fee to join, most of the time, it maxes to about $8,000.

SiteSwan Website Builder

This business is in the niche business of web services. SiteSwan Website Builder is also a reseller as well. An entire business can be built with the solutions it has to your problems. Plus, you can add other offers to the site such as support services for marketing and for social media. The business also has several packages you can buy into. These range from $150 to $300 a month.


These are just some of the franchises out there that are under $10k. As you can see, they seem to be quite straightforward businesses. There can also be quite a bit of insight and knowledge that you can gain from these franchises. Once you research these companies and other ones similar to them, you can make the choice of which one you want to buy into.

Or, you could be a true entrepreneur and build yours from the ground up. It can be done and $10,000 is a lot cheaper than the typical business starting fees which can get into the hundreds of thousands. If you live in a smaller community, then perhaps this is your chance to create a successful franchise and be a popular and well-known business for what you have.

It can be a very smart move to get into one of these affordable franchises. Consider them all carefully as they all have specific guidelines and obstacles to overcome. But, if you can do it, go for it!

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