#BeastMode: How to Have More Energy Than Ever

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You may have heard the expression coined by NFL Running Back Marshawn Lynch, but do you really have what it takes to go beast mode?  How do we get that extra energy to take us to the next level? And more importantly, what do we do with it once we have it, to see the results we want?

Here are 6 places you should be getting your energy from:


Yes, it all starts here. I track my patterns with Sleep Cycle iPhone app to make sure I’m getting enough.   Sleep Cycle claims to wake you up during your lightest pattern of sleep, but more important to me than that is it helps me track my sleep goals.  My goal is eight hours per day, and the app can export your sleep data so you can see it visually.  Some smart NYU kids have an Android app with over a million downloads, and have recently rolled out their SleepBot app for iPhone.

For those of you who can’t nap (I used to be one of these people), it actually takes practice.  My brain is usually going to fast to fall asleep during the day, but after I learned to clear my mind, meditate and relax, I can sleep optimally for 15-45 minutes and wakeup feeling refreshed.  As Ariana Huffington said in her TED talk, “Sleep your way to the top.”  


When someone asked Richard Branson how he has the energy to run so many businesses, he simply said, “I work out.”  While there isn’t a single workout routine that’s right for everyone, my goal is to be in the best overall shape possible. I work in strength training 2-3x per week, yoga 2-3x per week, and a functional agility, speed, and cardio day that could be boxing, basketball, football, surfing, or cross training.

Figure out what works for you–the most important thing is that you are consistent.  Change up your workouts often so you don’t get bored.  Working out is not only an important way to energize myself, but it’s also an energy release.  I channel my energy into my fitness goals.


I’ve just detailed some freakishly particular eating habits in the article: How Working From Home 3 Hours on a Monday Increased My Productivity, Fitness and Nutrition. I aim to eat every 2-3 hours (normally life gets in the way, but it’s a good goal), and have mixed nuts, granola, or protein bars on me at all times. Pack your lunch, because eating out is going to get expensive, and you would probably do it a couple times a day anyway if you are eating 5 or 6 meals. Keep protein powder at the office for a quick shake, and once you start finding green juices that you enjoy, like this one from Naked, they’ll be your go-to for a pick me up… Of course, along with the coffee and the green tea that I inject into my veins a couple times per day.

There is also huge debate between vegetarians and meat-eaters on which type of lifestyle gives you more energy.  My goal is to eat like a vegan, but still eat meat. Meaning, instead of seeing veganism for their lack of consumption of animal products, I pay attention to all the healthy stuff that they eat instead like quinoa, wheatgrass, lentils, and all the sh*t we’ve never heard of when we walk into Whole Foods. I don’t cut out meat because I find it way too difficult to get the massive amount of calories my body requires, not to mention finding healthy options when eating out / traveling quickly becomes a huge pain.


The most important part of my life is the people in it. I’m very lucky, aka– I worked very hard, to attract people with awesome energy into my life… this means cutting out the complainers, the nay-sayers, and the Debbie Downers.  As my friend Ray Land says, he hangs out and hires people who “Say yes, to yes.”

As you become more in-tune to your own energy, you’ll be able to pick up on other people’s energy, and what their true intentions are. I could go on about this subject for days, but you should also be aware of whether you are an introvert or an extrovert… It’s not about liking people or not, it’s about where you get your energy from. Introverts get their energy being alone, and extroverts get their energy from being around others.  Know thy self.  


As I’ve written about a lot lately, we started a travel company on the basis that ambitious young professionals need to see the world in order to spark their creativity, surround themselves with like minded people, and get inspired. Even if you don’t have the opportunity to travel, don’t worry there are still ways to spark your creativity at home. Right now I’m in New York sitting outside on a perfect day in SoHo. People are everywhere, but I don’t mind the distractions. It’s one of the nicest days of the year, everyone is in a good mood, and I’m feeding off their energy—it’s inspiring me to write.

I’m also around the corner from our office, Fueled Collective which is a co-working / incubator space for tech companies in New York. We’re in the same building as a ton of awesome companies, including ZocDoc, Foursquare, Thrillist, Jackthreads, and MongoDB.  The space itself gives us lots of the “fuel” I’ve listed above including an awesome coffee bar, snack bar, coconut water, ping pong, and tons of talented people.


As I mentioned before, it’s a perfect day outside, so I’m not even feeling the effects of going out last night. Sunshine and warm weather clearly bring out the best in everyone’s moods. It’s why people struggle with the winter blues, and why I spent this winter in Costa Rica. It’s not ranked the happiest place on earth for nothing. I pity the people trapped inside cranking their air conditioning for the first time this year.  Check out the Under30Experience trips we are running to get you down to Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

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