Fuss & O’Neill relocates to boost growth

by / ⠀News / May 15, 2024
"Boosted Growth"

Fuss & O’Neill, Inc., a prominent civil and environmental engineering firm based in Connecticut, has announced its plan to relocate its headquarters from Manchester to downtown Hartford. This move is part of the company’s growth strategy, which aims to attract more diverse talent and make it more accessible to partners and clients.

The firm intends to increase its workforce by 74 positions through this expansion, which equates to a nearly 20% increase in staff strength. The move to a more central location, targeted for October 2024, will set the stage for undertaking more significant projects and further solidifying the firm’s industry standing. The iconic “Gold Building” has been chosen as their new base.

By consolidating its Manchester employees under one roof at the Gold Building, the company looks to foster collaboration and streamline operations among its 400-strong workforce. This will be coupled with an ambitious expansion plan announced by the CEO, Kevin Grigg, envisioning most of the new roles based in Hartford.

Following particular trends, Fuss & O’Neill’s move to the Gold Building is seen as aligned with other financial and insurance firms expanding their operations in the region.

Fuss & O’Neill’s strategic relocation for growth

The company’s proven track record of significant infrastructure project involvement further solidifies its commitment to regional economic growth.

This relocation will allow the firm to transform its workplace into a more flexible and inclusive “hoteling” model. This is where employees can utilize office space temporarily, reflecting a step forward into modern, hybrid work models.

Support of the move comes through a proposal of tax credits up to $1.1 million by the state, based on the creation of new jobs. This aims to boost the local economy and strengthen the job market simultaneously. The Governor’s office has strongly supported the move as a strategic solution for economic growth.

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Already operating in seven states and housing 11 offices, Fuss & O’Neill enters its 100th year with a robust team of 200 individuals in Connecticut alone. The firm specializes in varied sectors, underlining its commitment to surpassing customer expectations through its high-quality services. As the company embarks on this new adventure in Hartford, it prioritizes professional excellence and positive community impact.

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