General Mills potentially selling North American yogurt division

by / ⠀News / April 30, 2024
"Yogurt Division"

Reports suggest that General Mills is considering selling its North American yogurt segment, including the popular Yoplait brand. The speculated sale value could exceed $2 billion, with JPMorgan Chase reportedly assisting in identifying possible buyers, like snack food competitors and investment firms. This move aligns with the company’s push to reshape its product lineup, adapting to changing consumer preferences amidst the evolving food industry dynamics.

General Mills has yet to confirm or comment on these possible deals, maintaining silence about the potential value of the yogurt division. Current estimations put this business section near $2.5 billion, hinting at a lucrative transaction if the sale proceeds.

General Mills has faced falling investor confidence during the past year, causing stock prices to drop roughly 20%, bringing the company’s total valuation to around $40 billion. However, the firm surpassed Q3 revenue and profit expectations for the fiscal year, mainly due to sustained growth in its cereal and snack entities.

General Mills’ possible $2 billion yogurt division sale

The company’s businesses have been primarily propelled by a strategic decision to increase prices across different product segments. This initiative was based on in-depth market analysis and an understanding consumption trends. With the positive outcome of this strategy, the company is now exploring other similar measures, adjusting to the shifts in the market and consumer purchasing behavior.

The yogurt brand Yoplait was created in 1964 by French dairy farmers, who partnered with General Mills in 1977. By 2011, General Mills had a controlling 51% stake in Yoplait. Despite returning Yoplait’s European operations to Sodiaal in 2021, the brand has performed well domestically, securing $1.4 billion in net sales in North America this past year.

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As competition from Chobani and Danone’s Dannon intensifies in the yogurt market, General Mills is evaluating its non-essential assets, which aligns with its business strategy. The future remains uncertain for the company’s yogurt segment, but these developments highlight the evolving landscape of the food and beverage industry.

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