Google’s ‘Connected Apps’ is Set to Centralize Contact Data

by / ⠀News / March 13, 2024
"Connected Apps"

Google’s ‘Connected apps’ have arrived, an exciting addition to Google Contacts that streamlines the collection and arrangement of contact data from multiple apps, including WhatsApp. This centralization of contact information revolutionizes how users manage their contact data, improving user convenience significantly.

The updated version is engineered to amalgamate and aptly manage the many contact details harvested from diverse apps on a user’s device. The result? A cleaner user interface, improved ease of navigation, increased user-friendliness, and the convenience of having all your contacts in one place. This overhaul tackles the former header clutter, making for a more cohesive and neatly organized display.

The feature isn’t limited to locally saved contacts and those from Google accounts. Google Contacts can pull data from many other apps, though this has been criticized for occasionally causing disorganized and confusing data collection. There were concerns about the difficulty of managing such an abundance of information and potential inconsistencies in contact details.

Use foldable menus between contact info, your information is accessible.

The latest version, Google Contacts v4.26, addresses these concerns by structuring ‘Connected apps’ using foldable menus directly beneath key contact information. This new layout improves accessibility, eliminating the need for continuous scrolling through contact data. Thus, users may swiftly sift through their applications by merely unfolding these handy menus, making their interaction with contact-related features seamless.

Giving credence to Google’s dedication to refining the user experience based on popular demand, the latest features include added accessibility to a myriad of popular apps. This includes WhatsApp, Telegram, and Google Meet, broadening the scope of messaging and initiating video or voice calls. Further integration with apps like Slack and Microsoft Teams bolsters team collaboration with chat channels, team threads, and document-sharing features.

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These interconnected apps are integral to communication and productivity across platforms. From personal chats to professional meetings, they present diverse opportunities for seamless interaction. But what about the old clutter issue? Before this update, Google Contacts displayed all app options under the primary contact number. This improved, clutter-free interface is gradually rolling out to all users, primed to streamline your Google Contacts experience.

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