Why Taking a Break May Boost Your Performance, According to Entrepreneurs

by / ⠀News / March 13, 2024
Strategic Breaks

Many entrepreneurs and business stalwarts find motivation in progress and achievement. They view their journey towards success as an exercise in perseverance and constant innovation. They view each setback as a stepping stone towards their goal, their unwavering determination a testament to their tenacity.

Whilst their journey may be relentless, ironically, a strategy that aids their growth includes occasional pauses to reflect. These strategic breaks foster innovation, promote revitalization, and help shape better strategies. They also provide a chance to evaluate current business operations, opening up an opportunity to pinpoint errors and make necessary improvements.

Entrepreneurs, take a break and get rid of depression and decision fatigue.

Quite a significant fraction of entrepreneurs find themselves juggling with depression (32%) and decision fatigue (56%), predominantly because of heavy workloads that often exceed 50 hours per week. Occasional breaks from this relentless cycle of work can serve as an elixir to these prevalent issues, giving them a refreshed perspective and a much-needed respite.

For instance, Courtnie Nein, a company co-founder, argues the case for periodic reassessments. She believes that stepping away from daily roles provides a new perspective that, in turn, fosters creativity and improvements. Courtnie’s discovery that temporary breaks from her roles gave her time to develop more tailored financial strategies for her community substantiates this.

Entrepreneurs also choose to disconnect from daily business activities to cultivate personal growth and wellness, which is directly linked with the prosperity of their businesses. Engaging in activities they are passionate about and making time for the family is beneficial for their personal well-being and fosters a work-life balance that aids in better decision-making and strategizing.

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The integration of practices such as meditation, exercise, or hobbies can significantly improve mental health, ultimately leading to increased productivity and success in their professional endeavors. Hence, entrepreneurs need to prioritize time for relaxation and restoration, as their well-being directly influences their capacity to perform and lead their businesses to growth.

Further, delegating tasks and encouraging team members to assume leadership roles can introduce fresh ideas and perspectives. To illustrate, Joel Gascoigne, the CEO of Buffer, experienced significant personal advancement and business growth after relinquishing control and letting his team take the lead. This injection of fresh insights fostered a culture focused on growth, showing the benefits of stepping back and allowing others to contribute more significantly.

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